Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Time for another why post:
  • Why does my skin think it's 15?
  • Why do some books feel they are so important that they don't need a descritpion?
  • Why are boy games so loud?
  • Why is it that I can have great aspirations for dinner planning and then burn out about Wednesday on the execution?
  • Why is the last five minutes before getting out of bed my best sleep of the night?
  • Why is it, when I look at my closet full of clothes, none of them appeal to me?
  • Why do all the carbs sound so delicious right now?
  • Why is my five year old so dramatic?
  • Why is sleep so elusive?
  • Why does my hair look the best just before a hair cut?
  • Why is nap time so appreciated by adults and so hated by children?
  • Why do I freeze in movie theaters?
  • Why do spring storms trigger my migraines?
  • Why do three day weeeknds make the week so much easier to deal with?
 Do you have any why questions?


  1. We crave carbs more in winter. I could eat a dozen bagels on any given day!

  2. ALL of the carbs. They really do sound so delicious right now!!! It's gotta be this long winter...


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