Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spin Cycle--Fixer Up!

I am extremely lucky.  Nick is very handy and we can do most home improvement projects ourselves.  No need to hire a contractor, we just decide what needs to be done and do it (when we have the funds).  We have done so much to our house since we moved in 16 years ago.
Some of the improvements have been minor--wallpaper removal and painting, other's have been far more significant. We have completely redone the main floor bathroom, the basement has been redone to include two bedrooms, a laundry room and master bath.  The kitchen has been completely remodeled as well.
Want to see some pictures?  Of course you do!
Our kitchen:
From this... this.

The other side of the kitchen goes from ugly white cabinets to...
A functional, warm area.
the master bathroom:
Old laundry area...

Now Master bath.
And the laundry room (which is on the other side from the masterbath:

Has a new floor.
There is not a room in the house we have not changed something in.  HTRe most recent project that really changed things was the closet Nick put in for me for Christmas 2012.
Nick is wonderful!  Without his know how, our house would be not nearly so functional.  Thank you Nick!!

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  1. Oh man, I am SOOO jealous! Jimmy doesn't know the difference between a hammer and a wrench. It's sad. Nothing ever gets done around here. Your improvements are all excellent!

  2. I want new kitchen cabinets so bad! I love yours! They look really nice! My husband could probably be handy if he had the time, but I have to be the handy man at our house. ;)

  3. Great work! We did a lot of our stuff but about half we hired professionals to supervise our work!

  4. Lucky girl! My Hubby is great at the demolition but not so great at the fixing things back!!!

  5. Your hubby is like mine! He did all of the work on our master bathroom. Thank you You Tube for the extra help!


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