Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Writer's Workshop--Snacking

The prompt is the 10 favorite snacks you had growing up.  Here goes:

1. Teddy Graham--I loved these in high school.I would have boxes to snack on in the back seat of my car.  The back seat that was a sea of discarded things.

2.Slurpees from 7-Eleven--I could make these last forever--loved the spoon/straw (spraw? Stroon?) that came with them.
3. Whatchamacallit candy bars.  My favorite as a kid--not so much now, they are really sweet.
3. Hostess Chocolate Donuts--a staple on bus trips for swimming or speech team. I loved the slightly waxy feel they left on the roof of my mouth.

4. But the above only went with Cheeto puffs.  I had to have the salty to balance the sweet.

5. Sunflower seeds. Fisher brand. Later it was David, however once the kidney stone adventure was over, I had to give up my favorite reading snack. I started nibbling on these when I was about 13.  They were the perfect snack to nibble on while reading.
6. Oreos.  Who doesn't love Oreos?
7. Pickled Polish sausages.  So bad for me, but oh, so tasty to nibble on. These would come in large jars and I could nibble on them and read.  You didn't really want to take large bites.
Not exactly this brand, but closest I could find.
8.Fruit roll ups.  My mom was a sort of granola crunchy type.  She fed us as heathily as she could manage.  We really didn't get a lot of junk food.  Fruit roll ups were sweet, but still had fruit, so she would on occasion, get them for us.
9. Zingers.  These were cakes with frosting that mom would get for us.  I loved the chocolate ones the best.  Didn't care for the coconut ones at all.
10.Pop Rocks of course--I was an 80s kid.  Pop rocks were awesome and annoying.

So there, the sncaks I remember enjoying when I was a kid. 
Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Cheetos (crunchy) and Dr. Pepper. That's what I lived on in HS!

    I also did love Whatchamacalit once upon a time!

  2. That was cool! I am dating myself, but many of those I had to try as an adult because I am MUCH older than you. LOL

  3. I still eat Cheetos just about everyday. I guess it has something to do with I have 2 little kids but I'm always sneaking a handful from the bag for myself :)

  4. eww to the pickled polish sausages, but i guess unless I have tried them, I shouldn't judge! LOL

    Confession...I do not like Oreos...give me a pack of Fudgeeos and I will eat them down, but nope, not a fan of Oreo or Cookies n' Cream anything!

    Great list though - Cheetos still my fave!

  5. I remember zingers and my dad would bring home these candies called cowtails they weren't very good but we ate them like crazy!

  6. I've never even heard of a few of these lol! Love me some Cheetohs... but I don't have 'em very often anymore. I try to stick to healthy snacking now (fruit, veggies, popcorn, cracker-chips) - but this list had me drooling for sure!!

  7. Yummo! I couldn't recall any except m&m's and snickers! Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  8. I've got to say that I've never tried a pickled polish sausage. However, the pop rocks bring back a lot of childhood memories for me!


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