Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On potty and Bruiser

As anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows, we have had a rough go of it with Bruiser and pooping.  It is a battle that we have fought for the last two years. There have been many bumps on the road.  It all came to a head with his five year check up.
The boy has never had a consistent pooping routine--not even as a baby.  It was always a little here and a little there. On occasion he would have a big poop, but then go back to next to nothing.
At preschool, they have been trying to work on it too.  Consistent times to go to the bathroom and try, regular eating, trying to keep track of what he eats and if/when he goes.
At home we have tried just about everything we could and nothing worked.  In discussing it with the doctor, he was concerned by the fact that Bruiser rarely goes a large poop and goes a little several times.
Our first move after the doctor visit was an x-ray that showed that Bruiser was very backed up.  So a course of Miralax was prescribed.  It was slow to show any change. We called the doctor and upped his dosage and finally, things started moving.
We had an epic week of poo.  It was messy and icky, but he cleared out.  Now we have settled into a routine of Miralax in the morning and it's amazing what his "magic water" has done for him.  We fianlly have clean unders, no fights about going, loud announcements that "I Pooped!!"  It's wonderful.
Bruiser eats more now, is taking swimming lessons, has bounds more energy, and I think he's having a growth spurt. He gets to have sleep overs, and we can leave the house without taking extra unders and wipes. I'm so thrilled that the "magic water" worked.
Now all we have to do is wean him off rewards for going poop. there's always a cloud in the silver lining.  For so long we offered rewards or incentives to get him to go, now he expects a reward when ever he goes.  This is going to take a bit of rethinking and reteaching.  But this is a good problem to have.  At least it's better than the alternative.
He's so cute, and so happy now.

I'm joining in with Shell over at Things I Can't Say for Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday.


  1. Even though it was long ago (my boys are 22 and 15) I can still feel the joy of the day I no longer had to keep track of "poops". It was a HUGE milestone, and more freeing than I'd ever imagined!

  2. I can remember having this issue with my little one. It always seemed so painful for her. I'm so glad he's feeling better!

  3. My daughter had this issue too. It's amazing what a little magic water will do to bring actual magic into your life!

  4. I thought I would always be keeping track of poop, it's nice when the day comes that you aren't

  5. My niece has always had digestive issues too, especially as a baby and in her toddler years. Things have gone much better in the past year with them monitoring her diet closely, and it's amazing how much happier she's been!! Thank goodness you were able to get to the bottom of it with Bruiser. :)

  6. I'm so glad that you found something that works!

  7. Yay for Bruiser AND FOR YOU! My nephews went through similar things. Who knew there could be so much rejoicing over poop, huh? Great post. - Happy Wednesday!

  8. Yeah for you guys! Potty training is no joke!

  9. I can relate! It is painful and miserable and unheathly to be bound up. Poor guy. Glad you found a solution. He is adorable!


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