Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Random

Survived Monday and all it threw at us--migraine, work, crazy kids, time change adjustments--and here we are at Tuesday and that means tie to get all random:
  • I have my second test today.  I'm a bit nervous, but some last minute cramming and I should be able to manage just fine.
  • Our spring break is next week.  We have nothing major planned. My mom is taking the boys out of town to see family.  Nick and I are taking a couple days off to make long weekends. Nick has some archery stuff going on, but mostly it's pretty low key this year.
  • We have both boys in swim lessons after spring break.  Yep, Bruiser finally can take swim lessons.  I so love that his potty issues are resolving. The day is coming when I'm no longer invovled intimately in my kids bathroom habits.  Hip, hip, hooray!
  • The general consensus is the time change stinks.  Turbo was rather confused yesterday morning when I got him up.  I had forgotten to change his clocks.  He has an alarm clock and a wall clock.  He was less than impressed when he thought I had gotten him up at 5:45, and was even less impressed when I told him I forgot to change his clocks and no, he really had to get up. My mom ran late yesterday, she's messed up by the time change. Time change sucks.
  • And, no it does not mean more sunshine. It means the sunshine is reallocated.  The change of the seasons means more sun, not the stinking time change.
  • Bitter about the time change, no not me.  
  • I colored my hair again.
Here I am straightened after my hair cut.

Here I am with the color.
  • I think my skin tone improves with the darker color. Nick likes the color too. So win!
  • My meal planning is going better.  I just have to keep the motivation up.
  • Nick and I are planning on doing some exercising while the boys are in lessons.  We are at the rec center anyway.
  • I need to start doing something.  Summer is coming and it's not good to go full on coverup baggy clothes mode.  Not only does it look strange, but the heat would kill me.
So what's your random?  Link it up with the lovely Stacy--she's back!


  1. It's really nice when the children can finally do things in the bathroom by themselves. It doesn't mean they don't need help sometimes though, which always surprises me. Like, oh yeah, I guess you still ARE just a little kid. LOL.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I am not a fan of the time change either.
    Have a great week and enjoy your break!

  3. Not fans of the time change here, either. Sounds like a consensus to me. Wish we never changed it. I don't care how much daylight it gives us or doesn't. Love your new hair color!

  4. This time change is by far the worst. Losing an hour of sleep messes with me for days. Didn't help that I chose Saturday night to attend a party (first party I've gone to in AGES!) & then was out late Monday night at a hockey game. I feel like a zombie this week. Nice that it's still light out at 7 PM, but otherwise, there's nothing good about it!!!

  5. the time change is the worst I cant get up in the mornings now lol.

    your hair looks awesome!


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