Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free Therapy with Thank You Very Much

Time for some free therapy this Thursday brought to you by Kmama at The Daily Dribbles.  Thank You Very Much is when you take out your frustrations on the irritating things from your week and thank them in a sarcastic way.  So without further ado, here we go:

To the wind:  I could have done without you and the dust you bring with you.  Thank you very much for kick starting my allergies.

To my allergies:  You could have taken a vacation this year and I wouldn't have missed you.  Thank you very much for your dedication but next year could you head for, oh I don't know--Timbuktu? 

To the dishes in the sink:  Thank you very much for multiplying in the sink.

To Nick:  After you go shoot at league, I don't mind if you go have a beer or two with the guys, however saying you will be home at 8:30pm and coming home at 11:45pm(with no warning phone call) does not make me happy.  Thank you very much for the short night's sleep(since I can't sleep unless I know when you are coming home).

If you have need of some free therapy, go see Kmama and link up, it's good for you.


  1. ok ive tried three times to make this

    but anyways... right there with ya last thursday my DH went out at 845 only to come home at 245... WTH i was pretty mad.. but go over it as usual... and same with the freakin allergies.. wish they would takea vacataion..

    I tried to link up but my comp is being stupid today.. so go check out my TYVM's

  2. I'm sending my allergies along in the suitcase....

  3. My hubby totally pulls that sort of stuff too (roll). Then he'll say, "Well, I figured you were already asleep so I didn't want to call and wake you up". Sigh.

    I'm denying the dishes in my sink today...

  4. A phone call! Not too much to ask for. I HEAR you on this one.

  5. My allergies have been really bad this year too GRRR! And 11:45 wow that is a long way from 8:45......

  6. What the hell is it with dishes and laundry procreating when I'm not paying attention. Jerks.

  7. I am soooooo with you on the allergies! We had a ton of rain in the fall and winter so the amount of stuff blooming right now is killing me!

  8. My allergies aren't yet full-fledged, but for the first time ever, they have caused me to cough. I have this little, annoying tickle in my chest. It's so frustrating. I hope you feel better.

    Thanks for linking up!!


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