Monday, April 12, 2010

Swap stuff is here!


Shortmama at Family of Shorts hosted a spring swap.

Jen at My Crazy Life was my swap partner.  Her package to me arrived today.  It's spring all over.  She made me fun flipflops, sent me pedicure stuff and fun pink nail polish.  I get to grow lots of flowers and enjoy an icy beverage in the fun pink cooler mug while watching the birds eat from their new feeder.  There is also some chalk to occupy the kiddos, some scrapbooking stickers and glue pens(might just motivate me to get back to the scrapbooks) and new mailing labels that she made.  She sent me a pad to keep track of the lists of blog posts that occur to me too.

The flipflops are decorated with water balloons and are so fun.  She sent me a great wind chime and a pink picture frame that is just calling for a picture of me being all relaxed in the yard this summer, or maybe camping, in the hammock or other summery place.  When I find the perfect picture, I'll post what I fill it with.  Everything in here is fun and I'm looking forward to getting my toenails painted for summertime--In about a month or so when the weather becomes a bit warmer and more stable.

Now for the pics of everything:


  1. Glad you liked it! I love love love my box!

  2. That frame is so cute! And flip flops with water balloons? That is a technique I will have to try! You got some great loot! Love the swaps!

  3. Wahat fun stuff! Also, as a mom to 3 boys, I have a deep appreciation for the name of your blog.

  4. You got a great package too! This was alot of fun:)

  5. That smile frame is adorable!! Great stuff!

  6. Awesome fun stuff to do outdoors!

  7. See, if I would have been more on top of things, I would have snazzed up the flip flops I sent to my partner, but alas, live and learn! Too cute!

  8. Ooo! Looks like a fun box! Yea for swapping!

  9. What a great box! I had the best time with the swap...such fun shopping and such great things I got in my box too.

    Have a great week!


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