Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rtt and Post-it--a twofer

So, Tuesday, you have come again.  I guess it's random time again.  Also time for the bloggy fun of Post it note Tuesday.

And random--We did a major overhaul of the closet in our bedroom.  Nick drug me kicking and screaming to go through things.  When we were finished we had six bags of clothes to go to ARC(the charity that picks up from our house).  Big black garbage bags of clothes.  Nick was wonderiung where we had it all cause it doesn't look like it would all fit back where we had it.

We also rearranged in Bruiser's room.  I now have a place to read to him before bed and a place to cuddle with him when he wakes up-the glider rocker is in his room now.  We still have a desk in there where the printers live when we aren't using them, but overall the room is more kid friendly now.

I also got to go shopping this weekend.  With another girl.  It was so much fun.  Bruiser came along but still it was girls shopping and I got some great stuff--shirts and shoes.  We are planning a trip to Denver in a couple of months.  It should be a good time.

The weather is good for the moment--we have been in the lower 60s and sunny for the most part.  This next weekend the weathermen are threatening the s word.  Spring in Wyoming.  I love the psycho witch.


  1. LOL - I've been making the same promises to my windows for at least a month now. Now that the sun is shining more, it's becoming VERY noticeable. Maybe next week...

  2. Maybe dinner can cook itself at your home and then come to mine!

  3. You go girl for washing those windows! I don't do windows! At least on the outside of the house!

  4. My daughter washed the windows today....without even being asked! Yes, I am gloating a bit! ;-) Sorry!

  5. Can you come over to my house?:)

    I have lots of windows...

  6. My car needs washed - does that count? My closet it always a work in progress...thing are getting better though!

  7. I said something to my hubs a few weeks ago about washing the outsides of the windows for me...his reply was why bother when they will just get dirty again since we live in the desert. I wonder if I can apply that same philosophy to the rest of the house cleaning?

  8. Ugh dont even get me started on windows. I just moved into our new home a few months ago and there are WAY TOO MANY windows. The side facing the woods well lets just say the curtains stay shut. I dont have the energy!

  9. I just started going through Princess Nagger's pile'o'clothes today - and still have a big mess to attend to in the guest room and the job of rearranging her room.

    Thanks for reminding me I need to add the windows to my list, too. ;)

    You wanna come help? Seems you have all that organizing stuff down to a science. ;)


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