Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Confessional

Friday Confessional time with Glamazon.

OK, so here goes, my confessions for the last two weeks(I didn't play last week):
  • I like the snow
  • just not right now.
  • Not too impressed with our neighbors right now
  • the ones who thought a party last night was a good idea.
  • Partying with the police=not so cool.
  • Arguements and yelling and fist fights in front of our house--bad idea.
  • If you wake up Bruiser I just may go all psycho on you.
  • I talked about pooping on Monday--(just for you Glamazon)
  • We never go anywhere without at least two rolls of toilet paper in the car.
  • You never know what the facilities(or lack there of) will be.
  • Going to lunch with my mom and my mother-in-law--God help me.
  • It won't be that bad but, am I glad it only happens every once in a while.
  • looking forward to an inside weekend.
  • My windows will have to wait.
  • I'm not sad about that.
  • If I was, someone would have to take my temperature, cause I would surely be sick.
Well that about covers it for this week (and last too).  If you have something you need to get off your chest head on over and share it with Glamazon, she can keep a secret--I think.


  1. I trust your mom and mother in law don't read your blog?? Lol!

  2. Never wake a sleeping baby bear. That is never a good idea.

  3. Lunch with my mom I can handle. With MIL, not so much

  4. I would totally adore lunch with my Mom. My MIL, well I'd rather pull my face off. So, good luck with your lunch.
    Smart move on the toilet paper. I have tragic stories of having NOTHING in the car, which is never good. NEVER!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog


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