Monday, April 26, 2010

All about ME Monday--Jealous much?

Mommybrain's promt this Monday is about jealousy--

Jealousy is not a pretty emotion.  
But I think it's fair to say that we all succumb 
to its power every now-and-then.  
We're only human, right?

Are you ... jealous much?
What makes you green with envy?
What makes your green-eyed monster break free 
and bare its teeth for all to see?

So things that make me jealous, hmmm, well it has changed over time.  When I was in high school, I was jealous of the clothes and stuff that the other girls had.  In college I was jealous of the kids with lots of money--I had to earn my spending, eating, utilities, etc.  Then I was jealous of the friends who got married, until I did--we waited a while.  Then when everyone started having babies, I was jealous of their kids.  Then I had my own. 

So far the things I was jealous of have resolved themselves.  These days I am jealous of different things.  Here's a list:
  • Money--there is just never enough
  • Time--to do the things I want to do like scrapbooking, reading, blogging.
  • Privacy--they never tell you that you will never again go to the bathroom in peace again when you have kids.
  • Being able to travel to fun and exotic locations.
  • having stuff--like a net book computer, new pop-up camper, digital SLR camera, a bigger house, the list could go on and on.
  • I will admit that I am jealous of the people who are on the make over shows.  Style stuff has never come easy to me.
  • I am also jealous of those people who seem to make friends so effortlessly.  Being shy and mildly insecure in social situations sucks.
Then I stop to think about what I have and these things don't seem so important.  These guys make it all better.
Turbo and Bruiser make me feel less jealous of other people.  They're cute, no?  Are you just a bit jealous?


  1. Your boys are adorable!

    I get jealous of all the stuff, too. And people who get to go on fabulous vacations.

  2. I'm jealous that you have TWO boys! Yeah, it's hard not to turn a little green. Jude goes to school with quite a few rich kids, and believe me, they have STUFF. But I don't notice anybody being particularly happy.

  3. Jealous is a yucky thing but we are all guilty of it sometimes

  4. Where can we get a money tree? If we could just grow them I certainly would love to have one! Yes, I agree we never have enough of this....whoever invented money? Just wanna tell him it wasn't a good idea at all!

  5. AW, those are some good looking boys. I have to remind myself sometimes that there are a lot of things to be grateful for and only a few to envy. Money is at the top of that list, mostly because it resolves a lot of other issues, but hey, as long as my kids are fed and we have a roof over our heads, what can I complain about...

  6. Your boys are so cute!!! I sooooo need a make over. If I was on one of those shows they would tear me apart. I don't think yoga pants and a hoodie are considered stylish!?!?

  7. Yes! I am wondering how badly I will have to dress in order to get someone to nominate me for What Not to Wear. I don't want to have terrible fashion, but I desperately need the help in the style department. I'm totally jealous of people who always look cute and put-together. I can see why your boys make it all better - so adorable.


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