Monday, July 22, 2013

What We Did

We had a pretty good weekend, mostly.  Laid back, relaxed and fun.  Seems to be a theme for us recently.
Friday, I indulged in a few glasses of wine and maybe a mojito.  Turbo had a sleepover, so we only had Bruiser.  Nick and I sat in our yard, watched the moon and talked. It was nice.  I was a bit slow the next morning, but it was worth it.
Saturday, I got the grocery shopping done and Nick took Turbo for a bike ride.  They had a blast.  I attempted to nap, but was unsuccessful. So instead of napping, since Turbo was at a friend's house, and Brusier had gone with Papa and Nana to a birthday party/barbecue, we took advantage of the kidless time and went to get Nick a Blanket of the back seat of his truck, some Keen sandals, and new lounging set for the back deck. We also took a moment to have a Moscow Mule at an adult establishment. Adult time rocks.
We  grilled pizza and watched movies.  The pizza was great and, bonus, we didn't heat up the kitchen in the process.  Practically fire baked pizza.
My mom stopped by after her trip to see her sister.  She was in a pretty good mood.

Pirates of the Caribbean, the Curse of the Black Pearl, was up and we had a nice evening. Nick maybe let the beer flow a bit to freely and was hanging pretty hard Sunday.
I did get him to get the smoker going for some spare ribs.  He had to feel better by evening, he was DD for the guys trip to Dwight Yokem in Cheyenne.
He surfaced mid afternoon for the fantastic ribs and managed to haul himself out to the concert.  I think he had a good time, but I'm not totally sure.  He was still sleeping this morning.
This starts a busy week at work.  Next Friday can't get here soon enough, but I bet it will get here faster than I think it will.

How was your weekend--too busy or just right?


  1. The pizza looks great. It is too hot herd to do any outside grilling.

  2. I love those evenings when T and I just sit outside with a glass of wine and talk. Well, maybe more than just a glass, but still... :-) And that pizza looks awesome!

  3. fire baked pizza are the best and so is grown-up time!

    Hope Friday comes real soon!


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