Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Late-ish

Time to random it up, some. I know that Stacy is packing, but it looks like the lovely ladies of Talk To Us Tuesday are up and running this week.
So on to the random:
  • Nick had a relative die last week, a great uncle.  Yesterday was the funeral and Nick had to be out of town. He got home around 5 and headed over to the local pub to meet up with some of his relatives and later we went to his cousin's house because, in his family, they kind of hold a wake after the funeral. It was a good night reconnecting with cousins.
  • This morning we took Turbo for phase 1 of braces.

  •  Pahse 1 because they only put braces on his top teeth.  He still has a couple baby teeth to lose. Turbo was excited to get rid of his spacers.  It's a whole process he's embarking on.  Tweenhood here he comes.
  • Celery and peanut butter really is good.
  • We plan on going camping the end of this week. Our way of welcoming in the last month of summer vacation.
  • It really can't be almost August already.  I have got to stop blinking.  Summer slips by each time I do.
So that's my random for the week.
Seriously Shawn


  1. I wondered how young kids could get braces. I never had them, though needed them. And my sister didn't need them, though my parents could have afforded hers!

  2. Zane has an over bite, so he will have to have some sort of dental work.

    Yes, celery and peanut butter is awesome.

    Have fun camping!

  3. O dear, I feel for Turbo, I've been doing the braces thing for 3 years now.

    How crazy is it that tomorrow is the fist of Aug?


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