Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Confessions

And another week survived.  It was a fun week, mostly.  Well, OK, parts were fun and parts were not so fun.
I confess:
  • Fun parts were going to a Jamey Johnson concert for girls night.
Chris Hennessey, opening act.

Jamey Johnson

It was a great concert.

  • Having Nick come home.
  • Getting time in with my boys and gaming out.
  • Having the week go by fairly quickly.
  • Not so fun parts were taking Turbo to the orthodontist and finding out he needs braces.
  • At least it's not the head gear I needed at that age.
  • Nick went to get his teeth cleaned.
  • Total numbed up mouth, no talking for like two hours after he came home.
  • No fun there.
  • I am headed in to the dentist next month.
  • Really not looking forward to that one.
  • I totally need a weekend to just do nothing.
  • Not going to be this weekend though.
  • Laundry, friends in town, Nick's brewing beer, my house is screaming to be cleaned
  • Yep, busy bee that's me.
  • A beach and fruity drinks is looking pretty good right now.
  • Especially if the cabana boys are cute ;)
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  1. What a great concert! Wished I could have gone to that. We had Justin Bieber. :P blah

  2. Oooh Jamey Johnson! I love him, I bet that was an awesome show!!

    I'm getting my quiet weekend this weekend (after tonight) - my house is also screaming to be cleaned, but I'm going to ignore it... ;)

  3. Oh man! I would LOVE to be on a beach right now. I might just vegg out on that idea. I have a great imagination.

  4. A beach, fruity drinks and hot cabana boys are ALWAYS a good idea! Happy Weekend!

  5. Some fun and not so fun moments! I have to take my daughter to the dentist in a couple weeks-- I keep waiting for him to drop the "She-needs-an-orthodontist" bomb!


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