Friday, July 19, 2013

TGIF! Confessions

Oh, so happy it's Friday.  I just wish I could have stayed home today.  But duty calls--so does the paycheck.
Now let's confess it all so we can head into the weekend guilt free:
  • I made Turbo's month.
  • He has been working hard and earning money toward a tablet he had seen at a local store.
  • He has worked so well and without complaint that when he had enough for that one we added to it so he could get a Kindle Fire.
  • He is in heaven.
  • It's so fun to be able to do that for your kids--and he earned $125 through chores for us, Papa, and Grandma.  
  • And he still isn't complaining about doing chores.
  • Score one for us.
  • I wimped out on dinner last night.
  • Frozen pizza and a cheese quesadilla for the boys. 
  • It was easier than trying to cook anything.
  • I turn 40 in a month.
  • I don't feel 40.
  • That seems so old when you say it.
  • Not for another month.
  • I played around with myu banner.  
  • Nothing fancy, but I think it is more in keeping with my button now.
  • Do you like it?
  • I'm seeing results from my running.
  • Not sure what the scale says--we don't have one in the house.
  • But my pants fit better and I look better in the mirror.
  • I might be swimsuit ready by the time we go on our river trip.
  • I'm thinking wine will be good tonight.
  • And maybe ice cream (after the boys go to bed)
Go see Aubrey for more confessions.


  1. I like the new banner, yes! And that's cool he earned a tablet. As soon as Elliot turns 6, we're implementing new chores for extra cash. We'll see how it goes!

  2. way to go Turbo he is the master

  3. I am so glad it's Friday as well! Whew! New banner is awesome! And you are SOOOOO old. LMAO. 40 is the new 20.

  4. That is awesome that he earned it all on his own and what a wonderful lesson you taught him. Yay you! :) I'm 50 and I don't feel 50 and if 40 is old I must be the crypt keeper! ;) - Your banner looks great! - Cheers!

  5. Way to go Turbo! And mom, too. BTW, 40 isn't a big deal. I'm closer to 50 now, and that's gonna be a big deal, I think. I love your banner!

  6. 40 isn't so bad, at 50 I still feel like a kid!

    I need to start running, sounds like it works! Congrats!

  7. You know I'm always in favor of wine. And pizza is a staple at our house. And you don't have to claim 40 if you don't want could just choose to be 34 like Charlotte in Sex and the City.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. I hope you're having a fabulous week!


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