Friday, July 26, 2013

Confessions on Running and Such

Yippee! It's Friday!  Gotta get through the work day and then, weekend here I come! Although this weekend has nothing exciting planned.  But sleeping in, no going to work good things to look forward to.
Now on to the confessions:
  • I wanted music to run to. 
  • Sounds simple.
  • Not so much.
  • I had never put music on my phone.
  • Did not think it would be so complicated.
  • Took me an hour and a half yesterday afternoon to figure it out.
  • Could I repeat the process?
  • No.
  • Well, maybe, but I'm not totally sure how I got the music on there.
  • It works, so there's that.
  • It was nice to run with music.
  • I thought less about how far I had to go and just ran.
  • One and three quarters miles.
  • On my way to two mile three morning a week.
  • Still not a huge fan of running.
  • I run, but I'm not a runner.
  • At least not one of those who run bunches of miles and stuff.
  • In other news, the sound of cooperating boys is wonderful.
  • But it is not the standard sound around our house.
  • I have a hot date this weekend.
  • It's name is laundry and it's bringing it's buddy the VAcuum.
  • Yep, cleaning is on the agenda for this weekend.
  • With any luck and some diligent work, I can get most of it done on Saturday.
  • That leaves Sunday to play a bit.
  • I want to go to the farmer's market tonight.
  • It's crazy days downtown and there might be good deals.
  • I think I need to go see.
So what are your confessions?  Link them up with Aubrey.

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  1. Those smart phones can be just plain ridiculous when you're trying to do something simple like put music on there! My husband had to do it for me the first time because I was ready to throw my phone. I'm a walker, not a runner. I just need to start doing it, because I am also lazy!


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