Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Random Wow, Don't Blink

OK, so after falling off the blogging wagon for our Staycation/break/vacation/Christmas holiday, I'm back.  Now let's get on to the random:
  •  That whole break went by far faster than I had thought it would.  Two weeks sounds like such a long time. Then I think a blinked a couple times and it was time to go back to work.
  • I was truly ready to go back to work after this break/staycation/vacation or whatever you want to call it.  Then the flu came to visit me and I was miserable for three days. I got an extra stay at home and vegetate day. I have bunches of laundry in baskets waiting to be folded. I was too sick to do even that much on both Saturday and Sunday. Fun way to end the break.
  • Christmas was successful at our house--the remote control fairy visited (well could have been Santa too) and the tanks and helicopters go whizzing by my feet or my head with alarming frequency.  Nick is mastering flying, so is Turbo. Bruiser has a truck, that once the snow is gone, he will be ale to play with outside.
  • I got a new watch, a peridot necklace and matching earrings, my programmable crock pot and a couple puzzles.  I did pretty good.
  • New Years Eve we stayed home and had most of our seafood feast.  The crab legs we saved for New Years day. Bacon wrapped scallops, broiled Shrimp, lobster and steak, (not all at once) made for a very filling way to bring in the new year.
  • I did accomplish one major to do over the break.  We have french doors to our bedroom.  They are mostly glass. Which, while nice, means they are a bit see through.  So they needed some privitizing, privacy, whatever.  We didn't want little boys to see too much through them.
Looking at them from the hallway.

Looking at them from inside the bedroom.
  •  The thing about this project is that we put up the doors 11 years ago.  And we had been saying that the privacy film needs to be added ever since.  Nick had told me is was my project. I am a skilled procrastinator.  Very skilled as it took 11 years to get this project done.  I think it looks nice and Nick loves it.  No more little eyes peeking at inopportune moments.
  • So let's see, Christmas, check, New Years, check, Being sick, check, project done, check, Can't think of anything else that needs to be shared, right off hand, so...
...That's all folks, as they say.  Go see Stacy for more random, I here she has fabulous news!
If you have random, Stacy is being the Random Rebel, so link up your random!


  1. I like those doors! very classy. We too got lots of remote controlled things. Kinda crazy!

  2. The french doors look very nice, but even with the privacy film I'd be paranoid that my kids could still figure out what's going on. They do have vivid imaginations. Of course, we don't have to worry with kids anymore. Those days are past us. However, it really doesn't matter because once they get old enough to listen at your door, and they will even if it is for a second before they either go eeeuuu or giggle (hopefully to themselves), then all they have to do is put one and one together to figure out what the parents are doing behind closed doors. Trust me, this day is coming. lol Glad y'all had a good break. I hope your 2014 is full of happy moments and blessings!

  3. I can't believe how fast my two weeks off went... It's the only part about coming back to work that's making me sad, thinking back to two weeks ago and how excited I was to have 14 days ahead of me of relaxing, sleeping in, enjoying family time, and doing whatever I wanted. And they're already over. *sigh*
    Glad you guys had such a great Christmas and New Years! I actually mentioned your seafood tradition to my family on New Year's Day :)

  4. Dare I say it is kind of nice that you weren't sick during your vacation? Those doors are lovely!


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