Monday, January 27, 2014

Wow, That Was No Fun and MMMM

I am back among the living.  Turbo brought home the stomach flu last Tuesday evening.  It hit us all.  After Turbo, I was the next to fall, then Bruiser and then Nick.  My Mom also got it and gave it to a couple of her friends.  Virulent little bug, that's for sure.
After copious amounts of laundry, disinfectant, and sprite, we are all back on solid food and feeling human again. As for activity this weekend, well we did manage a bit.  Nick and I took the dogs for a walk in the park.  Nick tried flying his helicopter in the park with Turbo, but the wind came up.
Sunday, Nick met up in the park with new friends.  They have a  little boy who is Bruiser's age. It was really good for Bruiser to make a friend his age.  We just don't know very many people with kids Bruiser's age.  This will change next year when he hits kindergarten.
Planning is on for Bruiser's birthday.  He turns five on Wednesday.  The family celebration will be on Wednesday.  The kid party will be on Saturday. Superhero theme, per Bruiser request.  We are thinking a Batman pin the mask on game, Superhero cake/cupcakes, present opening and possibly one other game.  Goodie bags, with, hopefully, some decent treats in them. Sounds like a fun birthday, right? We sure hope so.  Bruiser is excited.
We have snow this morning.  About 4 inches and more falling.  Really fluffy, pretty snow.  More is expected later this week.  Turbo is thrilled, he gets to try his newish skis in the park.
Here's to the rest of the winter being illness free, injury free, and uncomplicated.  I know, somewhat wishful thinking, but I can dream.

Monday's Music Moves Me is all about songs with food in the title.
Lady Antebellum's American Honey:

Deana Carter's Strawberry Wine:

And one form my high school days, Def Leppard's calssic Pour Some Sugar on me:


  1. We are supposed to get a wee bit o snow here even! We'll see but Wednesday will be dreary no matter what.

  2. Poor you guys! That flu is so nasty and definitely the gift that keeps on giving. Time for you to hang a "no return" policy on your front door for that nasty virus! The bday party sounds perfect. I miss those days when my kiddos were young enough for superhero parties. Fortunately I take a yearly trip back east to celebrate all of the parties for my grand-babies. Great song pics. I love "Strawberry Wine" AND "Pour Some Sugar On Me." I'm so happy I'm not the only one who mixes and matches her music from country to rock to classics. Great post. Be well Vandy. - Happy Monday!

  3. You are definitely bringin' down the house with Def Leopard. The others are a bit new to me, but you're sure rockin' it. Thanks for joinin' us, and hope to see you next week too! YOU ROCK.

  4. Glad you are feeling much better now. Hope the party celebrations turn out wonderful!

    Thanks for these line ups!

  5. Everyone who has kids in the public school system fall pry to those nasty cold/flu bugs. That's one thing about home-schooling that I didn't have to fret over coz ours rarely got sick. I am glad y'all are feeling better, though, and hopefully no one else will get sick the rest of this winter.

    Sorry for visiting so late in the week, but it's been crazy. The weather threw things off a bit with DH off on Wednesday, but I'm making my rounds finally.

    It's great to see you on the dance floor this week with the 4M crew on Monday's Music Moves Me.


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