Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still with the Tuesday Randomness

Today we woke up to snow.  Surprise!  I kind of like the magic surprise snow you wake up to.  At least right now.  It's not so magic in April.  And now on to the random:
  • I am taking a class.  For a grade.  For my job. It's been six years since I took a class. It's like riding a bike right?  You never really forget how to study and take notes and all that jazz.  I'm really hoping this is the case.
  • We are still marching on in the quest to get Bruiser fully potty trained.  We will be talking to the doctor at his annual check up in a couple weeks.  This has been a very frustrating journey.
  • Wind has been the word around these parts the last few days.  60 MPH gust type wind. hold on to small dogs and children type wind. Not out of the ordinary, but not appreciated.
  • I'm kind of excited about the new movie Monuments Men.  It looks like it will be a great movie with a good cast.
  •  Thullee, our puppy is almost seven months old now.  He is quite the character.  He greets us at the door with toys and/or socks or shoes, what ever is handy.  He still like to cuddle up every now and then.  We often get what we call Thulleed.  He will leap up onto us and just be so excited.  He has been a great addition to the family.
  • Turbo has hermit crabs.  However they have been dying.  We have lost four now, the four original ones, but he has had them for a year and has taken pretty good care of them.  He has two left and we told him to enjoy them and when they go, we will look at getting a gecko or two for him. That has helped but he is such a kind-hearted kid that the loss of a hermit crab really gets to him.
  • Bruiser's birthday is in about two weeks.  I have no earthly idea what we are going to do for it. He hasn't really said he wants to do anything, but have a party.  We really don't know too many kids his age.  He does have a couple classmates from preschool he might want to invite, but we are not sure what we are doing.  His birthday lands on a Wednesday and I'm not sure he'd miss having friends as long as we do something fun and he gets presents.  We shall see what comes. Next year we will have kindergarten friends to invite.
  • I really hope we can avoid the worst of the cabin fever this year. the dogs are already deep in cabin fever.  Nick is staving it off with skiing.  I haven't been hit yet, but am not holding out too much hope. It sort of inevitable.
So what's your random?


  1. I had cabin fever over the holidays. I mean, I really enjoyed the down time, but after awhile, it starts to make you go squirrely. I remember one day thinking, "Maybe I should've gone in to work for a day or two just to get out" - LOL!

  2. My first pet was a hermit crab named Max and I won't ever forget when he died. I was pretty devastated!

  3. We had some sleet one night, back in November, since then we haven't seen a single snowflake. It makes me sad, cause I love it when the world is covered in fresh snow.
    Makes me nervous cause we are now in mid-January and we haven't had proper winter weather yet.

    Good luck with the new class, I'm sure you'll do great!


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