Friday, January 10, 2014

Promises 2014

I have been making promises to myself rather than resolutions for the last few years.  Resolutions never really worked for me and I do better on the promises.  It's time to look at the promises I made last year and to make new ones.

2013 Promises:
  • Once it's warm enough, I promise to start running again.  I'm not a huge fan of running but it does help to have some activity. And running is something I can do right outside my front door. I did do this.  I ran for most of the summer.  I got up to doing 2 miles three days a week.
  • I want to (again) work on the scrap booking hobby I have really let slide.  This has been on my promise list for the last two years.  This year I will definitely get to it, I have a place (almost) set up so I can scrap.  Now to get the motivation and time to coincide. Didn't keep this one.  Nope not at all.
  • I want to get out camping at least once a month from June to August--preferably twice a month.  We went camping three times and river rafting where we had to camp. Success!
  • I promise to try one new recipe a month.  This also includes continuing to menu plan.  Incorporating new recipes is fun and it mixes things up. I think I did OK at this one, we have some new additions to our repertoire of dinners.  Still working on the meal planning.
  • I promise to be more positive, optimistic and go with the flow with my boys.  This one is a work in progress. 
  • I promise to read more--having the Kindle has been wonderful, but I need to make more time to read--for my well being.  It makes me a better person to be around and when I'm happy, everyone is happier. I read more than 52 books last year. One book a week.  Some were new, others were old favorites, but I feel so much better reading.
  • I promise to crochet a blanket.  I want one for myself and it's a good skill to acquire. I did do some crocheting.  I have a dolls blanket almost assembled. That counts, right?
So, only one promise was broken.  Not too shabby.  Now looking forward to this next year, here are some of my promises:
  • I want to do something active for myself at least once a week--more would be better, but I'm going to strive for once a week.
  • Camping and road trips are high on my list of things to do this summer.  If we get a second four wheeler, this will be easy peasy.
  • Continue to meal plan.  Must get more organized at this one. It's sort of slap dash at the moment. Still haven't found the method that works for us.
  • Find an activity for Nick and I, something we can do together that's just us.  And doesn't cost out the wazoo. 
  • Do more cooking with my boys.  It just might expand their eating horizons.
  • Embrace change.  This one is hard for me, I'm sort of set in my ways. Change is a good thing and I should go with it more and fight it less.
  •  Teach Turbo to do more in the kitchen.  He's getting old enough to start fending for himself some of the time.  Oh, not like full meals, but if he want a sandwich or a freezer pizza, he should know how to turn on the oven or put together  sandwich, and clean up after himself.
Well I think that's a good amount for this year. Notice that scrap booking is not on the list.  I think I will eventually get back to it, but only once the boys are bigger. And more self sufficient. Bruiser still needs more attention than is doable for scrapbooking.

Did you make resolutions?  I gave up on them years ago.  Promises work better.  They are not so lofty and unattainable an work better for me.  Most of mine go hand in hand with my word of the year--balance.  Finding balance between the many aspects of me is a challenge, but one I need to master.


  1. Mine is to work on myself a little bit instead of focusing so much on the chaos around me. Better myself physically, mentally, emotionally. So it's kind of more of a lifestyle change than a resolution, I suppose?

  2. I definitely like the idea of promises more. Good luck with the running! I have to start back too and though I dread it, I know I will feel so much better once it becomes part of my routine again.

  3. Oh I like that, a promise i/o of a resolution.

    We are trying to save more, and I'm trying to get more organized, in every asspect of my life. I decided to be less specific and see if I don't achieve more that way.


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