Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spin Cycle--Testosterone Awards

Gretchen is all in the spirit of awards season and has given awards as the topic of the Spin Cycle this week.  Awards.  Well, let's just give out the Testosterone Awards.

Award #1 is the Dinner award.  Now you might think this category would be about putting a consistent dinner on the table, but no.  This award goes to the pickiest dinner eater in the house.  Turbo started strong in this category, but has been slipping and, gasp, trying new foods that he is finding he likes. Nick has never really been in the running for this one as he'll try anything once. No, our winner this year is, hands down, Bruiser.  The person in the house who asks what we are having for dinner and almost always responds to the answer with I'm not eating that or I don't like that.  On, occasion I get a do I like that? 
Award #2 is the Clothing Pick Up award.  This award has some strong contenters.  There is Nick who leaves his socks all over the house, Turbo who also leaves socks where he removes them, and Bruiser who leaves all sorts of clothes anywhere.  But is a surprise twist, I win this one, as I am the one who picks them up. Sometimes I make Turbo pick them up, but since I am the motivating factor, I win.
Award #3 is the Zone Out award.  We are all quite skilled at zoning out.  I do it quite well when reading books. Bruiser gets into a mode with his pretend games.  Turbo can zone out to a video game in any form--Xbox, Kindle, Wii, or DS.  Nick zones to TV and movies.  Since I have to choose the best zoner in the house...the award goes to Turbo.  He can get lost in the game in seconds.
Award #4 is the Helpfulness award.  Bruiser loves to help me in the kitchen. Turbo doesn't really complain about cleaning his room or dog poo pick-up. Nick helps with the cooking, does the outside chores and will clean the odd room when the mood strikes him (although he's not doing much at the moment, poor guy.  He can't even stand up straight.) I think this award has to go to Nick.  He really is a wonderful guy who will willingly make dinner, vacuum, or distract kids so I can do those thing uninterrupted.  Love him for that.
Well there you have it, the Testosterone Awards.  Not wildly exciting awards, but they work for us.
Do you have awards you want to give out?  Do you enjoy awards shows?  Spin it up, link it up.
Gretchen and Ginny Marie, would love to have you!
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  1. lol Bruiser sounds very much like me as a child. I never liked what was being served for supper, swore I wouldn't eat, would really have a fit over it. Basically, the only suppers I got excited about were spaghetti or pizza, and we got that rarely (my dad was a meat & potatoes kind of guy, so that's what my mom served - believe it or not, his fits over spaghetti were worse than mine over everything else!!)

    Good news is ... we grow out of that phase, as you've already learned with Turbo ;) Might take a few years (or 20), but we grow out of it.

  2. First of all, Bruiser is getting so dang cute I can't stand it! I get the clothing pick up award too, and sadly, I have no competition. I'm the only picker upper!

    Don't forget to add yourself to the Linky!!

  3. Great seeing your guys, and great idea with the awards. I'm not really into actual awards shows like the Grammies or Emmies, but I will tape the Oscars and fast forward through the boring parts or just catch the last hour.


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