Friday, December 27, 2013

Review Extravaganza: October to December

The final post, the last part of the year.  Let's look back on October, November and December.


Holiday confused.

My very first cupcakes.

The pergola that Nick built.



So go see what everyone else did for the end of the year.

Life and Lemons


  1. Did you ever figure out a project/activity for your husband and you to do? As yes I am in the need of some ideas too.
    I grew up in the midwest but now live in California, but I really have forgotten how often people dream/want to vacation in California. Guess I often take it for granted.
    Thank you so much for recapping all four weeks!

  2. I had the same question: did you figure out an activity? You know my husband and I do a movie and lunch every other Friday. Anything like that is really good together time.


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