Friday, December 13, 2013


Woo Hoo it's Friday!!  Nick and I are going to try to sneak off and get some Christmas shopping in this weekend.  But first time to confess:
  • I like egg nog.
  • Especially when it's been spiked.
  • Or I can add it to coffee.
  • It's better than creamer.
  • I can't wear head bands.
  • They give me a major headache.
  • This is sad because head bands are an easy way to do the hair.
  • I can't chew ice.
  • But the puppy loves ice cubes.
  • It makes me shiver when he chews them.
  • I had more confessions, then I sat down to write.
  • I'm really enjoying opening my 12 days of Christmas Swap gifts.
  • I need more sleep.
  • Thank goodness for Christmas break--working at a university does have it's advantages.
  • Less than two weeks to Christmas.
  • We still have no presents under the tree.
  • The boys may be getting a bit nervous.
  • Might have to do something about that tonight.
And that covers my confessions. Got any of your own?
Link them up with Aubrey and confess it all.

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  1. I seem to be in the minority around here, but I LOVE egg nog too! I never thought of adding it to coffee.. mmm!! I'm going to get some this weekend!!

    Good luck with your shopping :) Have a great weekend!!


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