Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Random Time!

Tick, tick, tick, time is counting down.  Only one week to Christmas Eve.  How fast December is flying by. So lets do some random.
  • Bruiser has his preschool Christmas program tonight.  It should be cute. It will be his first and I'm not sure how he will do.  He tends toward the shy side initially.But being with other kids should make it OK.
  • The anticipation is high in our house.  Putting presents under the tree helped, sort of.  Both boys are very excited about Christmas. I'm excited about time off.
  • Turbo did not get his bottom braces last week.  He still has one more baby tooth that needs to come out.  We will be working on it over Christmas break.  Ironic that he will stop losing teeth and within the next year Bruiser will start losing teeth.
  • Christmas cookie making this weekend.  We have to have cookies for Santa.  Bruiser told me specifically that Santa needs chocolate chip cookies. We will be making sugar cookies and candy cane cookies too.
  • I really need a nap. Not terribly likely until Saturday, but I think I'm making time to take one then. In between laundry and vacuuming and other chores, of course.
  • Now I have to find an overnight breakfast casserole to make Christmas eve so we can just shove it in the oven Christmas morning for the grandparents. Breakfast is easy, but if Nick has less to do he can spend more time with us than cooking in the kitchen.
Not great random, but it'll do.  If you have random, Stacy is being the Random Rebel, so link up your random!


  1. I have needed a nap forever. LOL. Actually, I fell asleep very early last night because I have been just so tired.

  2. I'm so excited about Christmas... AND about having 2 weeks off work! SO ready for it all to begin!!

    My mom makes a recipe for a breakfast casserole cold "Wife Saver" (although, I always call it "Wife Beater" lol) - it's yummy - eggs, bacon, bread, cheese, onion & peppers, all mixed together the night before and baked on Christmas morning. It's yummy! Let me know if you want the recipe!!


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