Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WWTK and 14 Things

That's 14 things about me.  Some you know , some maybe not:
  1. I am an avid reader and have been since I was about 9. The list of books I've read is miles long, I have 751 listed as read on Goodreads and that is not nearly all of the books I have read.
  2. I must do something with my hands--twist knots in my hair, pick at my nails, fiddle with my necklace, something. 
  3. I like going camping.  I like going to the mountains for drives.  Lucky me I have a hubby who likes doing that too.
  4. I have two sons, Turbo who is 10 and Bruiser who is 4.  I was very relieved to have boys. I'm not terribly girly and would have had a interesting time trying to raise a girl.
  5. I like cats. I have always had at least one cat, sometimes two.
  6. I like to cook, but coming up with a weekly menu isn't easy.  I tend to be kind of lazy and really wish someone else would plan the meals and then I could just cook them. But then my pickiness rears it's ugly head and I wouldn't want to cook what was on the menu.
  7. I hate bugs and spiders.  Anything with more than four legs is cause for full body shivers and murderous urges.  Especially when they want to live in my house with me.
  8. I like it when it snows, unless it's May and really shouldn't be, but does because we live at 7000 feet elevation in Wyoming.  Snow in October is perfectly fine and normal.
  9. Crunchy, salty snacks are my downfall.  Not a sweet loving girl, except for dark chocolate.
  10. If I had to choose a superpower I think it would be the ability to be in two places at once.  Think how efficient, one of me could go to work, the other could stay home and take care of the kiddos and the house.
  11. I'm not a great sleeper.  Insomnia come to visit far more than I want it to. 
  12. I don't wear much jewelry, but I like jewelry.  I always have a necklace on, but not very often is it coordinated with my outfit.  I wear a ring on both hands, wedding ring and whatever fits my fancy on the right hand. I have my ears double pierced, but hardly ever change from studs.
  13. I enjoy word games and logic puzzles.  I like video games--Tomb Raider, Doom, the Lego games, and Hidden Object games.  I like to do Word Searches before I go to sleep--it helps my brain shut down.
  14. I enjoy visiting the beach, but prefer to live close to the mountains.  I will never be able to live some where flat.  The mountains are too much a part of me to ever leave them.
 If you wnat a number ask for one.  It was kind of interesting coming up with things about myself. Could be fun to learn more about my readers.

Now for We Want To Know:
1. Would you rather eat at a fancy restaurant or eat a good home-cooked meal? We tend to do the home cooked meal more often, but every now and then I do like to go out and have someone else do the cooking and clean up.
2. Would you rather go on a road trip to a big city or go to the country? Go to the country. Nick doesn't do big crowds all that well, so the country hold far more appeal for us.
3. Would you rather receive $100 a day or $100,000 right now? Does the $100 a day last forever?  If so I'd go that route. If not, then the $100,000 and pay some bills off.
4. Would you rather it be summer all year round or winter? Oh tough one.  I like aspects of both, but if made to choose, summer edges out winter only just slightly.
5. Would you rather watch TV or listen to music? Depends on what I doing.  I like music when we are outside doing building projects and such.  For relaxing and down time, the TV is better.

Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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  1. It's funny, but I didn't even think about whether the 100 would last forever. I guess I thought it was 100 bucks a day until you hit 100,000 or just 100,000 now. LOL. We all understand things differently, I guess!

  2. It's kind of funny that you mentioned not ever being able to live somewhere flat.. I went to Minnesota once to visit family and I was shocked at how flat it was! It was so WEIRD. When my cousin came back with me he thought our hills were mountains! It was pretty funny :D
    I love going to the mountains, the scenery is breathtaking. I live in a small town and we don't have to drive too far to go to good camping spots. It's nice!
    Thanks for linking up with us so much!!

  3. I enjoyed reading those 14 things about you - you & I, we really share that weakness for salty snacks! Although I must say, lately I haven't been able to resist a cookie or candy that has crossed my path... darn Christmas lol.

    Honestly, I think the clean-up after cooking is what stops me from doing it more. I really enjoy the process of cooking a meal, whether it be a tried-and-true favourite or a new recipe - but the thoughts of cleaning up afterwards make me cringe!!


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