Monday, December 9, 2013

Lazy but Fun and MMMM

So we had a lazy weekend, mostly. With the exception of the party we went to Saturday night. More on that in a moment.
Friday night we wrangled the boys and made them make Christmas lists.  Turbo's was more focused than Bruiser's but they each made a list.  Now to get them to write a letter to Santa. They both have videos waiting for them from Santa.  Just need to get  a line on what Santa is bringing them.
Saturday was kind of lazy, but busy.  Let me explain: I got the grocery shopping done, started laundry, made white chicken chili, Turbo went to a birthday party, and we went to a party/get together that I had made said chili for.  We spent the evening with friends and family and had a marvelous time.
Bruiser did decide that eating anything other than crackers was not something he wanted to do, and with all the excitement, he tossed his cookies, threw up, vomited, yakked, what ever you want to call it all over his bed at about 11:30. World's fastest bed change and back to sleep for all.
The down side is that Nick has had a relapse of his bronchitis.  Not as bad as before, but he's really annoyed by it. Because of this, Sunday was a pretty quiet day.  I finished laundry and we watched several Christmas movies Sunday afternoon.  Nick vacuumed, which was really nice. We got a new toilet seat (little boys slamming it down take a toll) and as a result, the bathroom got more than a swipe and promise.
The Christmas movies included both a Muppet Christmas Carole and A Very Merry Muppet Christmas (which is as close as I want to get to It's a Wonderful Life). In honor of that here are some Muppet Christmas songs:

Hope these make you smile just a bit.


  1. It's a cold, rainy, ice in the trees kind of day around here and I could totally enjoy a bowl of chili right now. The Muppets are so funny. I wish they still did the reruns. Have a wonderful week..Happy Monday!

  2. Love your Muppet festive tunes for today! I hope your son gets over his bronchitis soon. I hated it as a child as I would get it at least three times a year. I know what your son is going through and I feel for him. Have a great week!


  3. Ugh, I still get is awful. Hope he gets better soon.

    As for your music...I love the Muppets! Made me smile.

  4. I'm interested to know what you have against It's a Wonderful Life... at least, you make it sound that way. :)

  5. Oh, I love Muppet Christmas Carol. Great movie.

  6. My kids are doing the Santa writing also.
    I hope your Nick gets well soon.

    Thanks for the lovely tunes.

    Aloha :)

  7. Gee, I hope Bruiser feels better soon and that he doesn't spread his sickness around. You know how generous kids are. Oh The Muppets are great! I just love these song picks. Thanks for making time to dance with us on Monday's Music Moves Me, my friend!


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