Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Random Tuesday Thinking

And we have come to Tuesday.  It's windy here. And still cold, but not subzero, so that's an improvement. Shall we got on with the random?
  • Our tree is up, but has no presents yet.  There just hasn't been time to wrap.  Or opportunity. Wrapping really is a very time consuming project.  Even the way we do it.  No bows (the cat eats them), no labels (we just write on the wrapping paper with a sharpie), just wrapping paper. We're classy like that.
  • Love these scandalous snowmen (and women?)
  • We have a bit of shopping left to do--most;y for the kids and more for Bruiser than Turbo.  I've collected  few things for Turbo as the fall passed, but stuff for Bruiser has been less easy to come by. Who knew it would be hard to shop for a four, almost five year old?  And the whole thing is complicated by the fact that his birthday falls a month after Christmas. Present challenge level: expert.
  • Turbo is off the the orthodontist again today.  Probably for the braces on the lower teeth.  He's not nearly as excited about these as he was when he got the upper ones on.  He knows more now. He will most likely be on a soup diet for the next few days.
  • Turbo has a band concert tonight.  He's been struggling a bit with the reading of the music, but he's working on it.
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  1. Every night I say I am going to wrap presents but I haven't yet! Btw, got your box yesterday.

  2. Our tree is up, but no presents are wrapped yet. I am laaazy like that. lol

  3. Nothing wrong with writing directly onto the presents. We've done this off & on over the years, too. I think the color wrapping paper and bows beneath the tree is a beautiful sight, but lets face it in a flash of a second every thing will be ripped to shreds. That's just the magic of Christmas morning fun.. :)


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