Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Random Traditions

Today I think, while it is random Tuesday and I'll get to that, I want to share a few traditions we have here at the Jones abode.
We still do our snow dance before big storms--makes the snow a bit more fun.  It's also fun watching Turbo and Bruiser shake, jump and twist and wiggle.  When it results in snow--everyone is excited!

I make ham and swiss crescent rolls for Thanksgiving morning to eat while we watch the parade on TV. We also make Christmas morning breakfast for the family.  Papa and Nana come over and my mom comes over.  We have a good time and then everyone heads home before lunch.  It's nice.

We almost always head to another cousin's house Christmas afternoon.  The kids have fun hanging out with their cousins and we have fun relaxing with friends (who happen to be family).

We go to the mountains after a Christmas tree.  This is something we have done since Nick and I had our first Christmas, 20 years ago.  There have been years when time didn't allow or a baby didn't allow for a real tree (the kid would have tried to eat it). But when we could, we have gone up after a tree.  It's a very fun way to get a tree and they always have a slightly Charlie Brown quality to them. They always look so pretty when decorated and they look as great as the tree does at the end of Charlie Brown.
Our first tree

Last years tree.

We have our New Year's Seafood Feast.  Whether it's on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, the feast that lasts all evening or all day has become an anticipated part of the holiday for us.

Watching A Christmas Story is a tradition for us and I'm going to start a new twist to the watching.  I want to make a meatloaf dinner with mashed potatoes and red cabbage like in the movie.  I will refrain from having Bruiser eat like a piggy, but it should be fun.

We have meat and cheese and crackers on the evening before Thanksgiving. It's a nice light snack sort of dinner before the big meal to come the next day.

Christmas eve is spent at the Grandparents house. The kids get to open presents, have some fun and it takes the pressure off the anticipation for the presents at home. This year, we might have a family Christmas Eve party to go to as well.

The boys always get to open one present when we get home Christmas Eve.  I get to choose the present--pajamas. Well, who doesn't sleep better in new jammies while waiting for Santa?

I send the boys a video from Santa from the Portable North Pole.  The video is personalized and fun for the boys to get. Turbo is almost too old to get it, but Bruiser still believes and I think even after they don't Believe any more I'll still send the the video.

We also watch Santa's progress on NORAD's Santa Tracker every year. It's a good way to pass time on Christmas eve day and when he gets close to the US it's very good incentive to get little boys to put out the cookies and milk and carrots (for the reindeer of course!) for his visit.

OK, so this hasn't been really random.  Anytraditions, what are your traditions?
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  1. I know quite a few people who do the seafood thing, which I don't think I'd ever heard of until maybe college. Very different from what we do, which is basically a Thanksgiving re-hash, though with a ham as the main dish. Though, my mom used to make different kinds of roasts when I was a kid. The sides were always the same.

  2. Be expecting a new visitor for New Year's Eve...she is blond and get eat a LOT of seafood. LOL. Love your traditions. That will be something your kids will always remember.

  3. We have several traditions, as well. Now that the kids are all gone, I'm trying to keep them alive for the two of us.

    Making & sending greeting cards to family & friends is something I've done our entire marriage (34-years). Watching a Christmas movie at least once a week in December is a must. Making traditional candies (too many to name) for the holiday is pretty standard. Playing Christmas music galore is on-going for the whole month. Preparing & partaking of the Christmas feast of customary favorites the weekend prior is something we do every year. And, the list goes on and on.

    Thanks for hopping over to my place.


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