Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WWTK--Christmas Movie Time

Just a quick Wednesday post--love the questions this week:

1. Dinner and a movie: what do you eat and what kind of movie do you watch? We don't go out for dinner and a movie all that much.  Dinner on occasion, but rarely do we go to the movies.  I'm never comfortable in a movie theater, I freeze. And they are so very expensive.  So we watch movies at home on DVD.  As for going out--we just don't have all that many options, or options that are good anyway.  We eat at home far more often.

2. Name your favorite actor and actress. I really like Matt Damon.  Bruce Willis is a favorite.  Mary Lousie Parker and Helen Murrin top my list of favorite actresses. Of course I don't really get to crazy about an actor, I like the story that is told better.

3. Will you watch any old Christmas movie or do you stick to the classics? We stick to the classics, some old some newer.  We still have to watch A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause, Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Frosty. Nick and I need to find time to watch Scrooged. It's still a bit intense for the kids.

4. What is your favorite holiday movie? Oh, tough one.  If pressed, I'd go with White Christmas for me.  For the family, The Santa Clause, and for Nick, A Christmas Story.

5. Tell us one holiday tradition you have. We leave Christmas milk (egg nog), cookies, and carrots out for Santa.  The carrots are for the reindeer. Although if Santa wanted the carrots instead he can do that too.

Grab the questions and play along!
Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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  1. If we want to go to a "fancy" restaurant we have to go to the next town over because we don't really have a lot to choose from. We have a movie theater in town and for the three of us to go it is $15, which isn't bad at all.
    Oh I like Bruce Willis! We watch a lot of his movies!
    Mary Louise Parker was in Weeds right? That show cracked me up.
    So fun that you leave carrots out for the reindeer :D

  2. Love Bruce Willis! And Die Hard is, technically, a Christmas movie. :)


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