Friday, December 20, 2013

Seasonal Confessions

Hey, hey it's Friday!  I get two whole weeks off after today!  I'm so excited! And I'm using up my exclamation point quota.  So let's confess and move on:
  • We could have killed the puppy yesterday afternoon when we got home.
  • The Christmas tree was lying on it's side, several ornaments were chewed up, and so were a couple presents and the lights that were on the tree were in many, many pieces.
  • Yep, total disaster.
  • He now has a handy crate to live in when we aren't home.  
  • We got new lights.
  • Repaired ornatments that could be repaired.
  • Had a glass of wine and we are almost able to laugh about it now.  
  • Almost.
  • The ting that makes me the most annoyed it that the dumb dog tore the wrapping off the one surprise gift for Nick and now he knows what it is.
  • Grrr.
  • I do so enjoy surprising him.
  • We get a night without kids tonight. 
  • My mom is taking them.
  • Not sure what we are doing tonight, but I hope it's fun.
Well, that covers my confessions for this week. Do you need to get anything off your chest before Christmas?
Link them up with Aubrey and confess it all.

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  1. You'll be able to full-on laugh about it next year... but I'd have been pretty upset if I came home to that too! Glad you got 'er all back up and running for the most part!! Have a wonderful kid-free night tonight and enjoy the weekend, as well as your holidays! I have to work Monday, but I'm getting there... :)


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