Friday, December 27, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Swap--The Goodies

So it's time to show the goodies I got for the 12 Days of Christmas swap I participated in.  My partner was Scriptor from Incognitus Scriptor. I've been reading her blog since not too long after I started blogging.  She is great fun and some day I'd love to meet up with her.  She did a fabulous job of finding things that I love.
We do enjoy a good beer.  Beer Salt can only make them better.

Ginger bread Hot Cocoa mix.

Bath snow.

Yummy caramel corn.

Green votive candle.

Chocolate turtles, my favorite chocolate candy.

A green jewelry box.

A cute owl.

Green key chain

Fuzzy socks and a hand warmer--very useful around here.

A dinosaur volcano--the boys will love this.

A Big Band Theory magnet.  I am hiding this from Turbo--he will want it for his own.
So I did very well for this swap.  Go see some of the other swappers and what they got.


Beth W said...

How fun! What's bath snow??? I'm intrigued. :)
Thanks so much for joining for this swap!

Forgetfulone said...

Looks like it was a fun swap! said...

I do hope you liked everything! I would consider this a successful swap. :)

Sofia said...

Such a cute little owl! And I am with Beth, what is bath snow?

Sofia @ From PDX with Love

Angel The Alien said...

LOL! I, too, wanted to ask about the bath snow! It looks like you got some great surprises.

Victoria Burke said...

Bath Snow? That looks interesting. Such a fun box!

Aubrey S. said...

Bath snow sounds like fun! I think its great that you two were partnered, since I know y'all are bloggy friends outside of this swap.


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