Monday, November 4, 2013

MMMM and Blah Weekend

So Our weekend was pretty blah.  Nick got the yard raked, the leaves to the dump and Turbo moved wood and generally helped out.  I cleaned out a cabinet, made soup, baked banana bread, and made salsa. A major case of the blahs hit us all.
We had snow last night and more is coming tonight.  I think winter is here.  Now if only it continues to bring snow. I can deal with winter if it's snowy.
The time change was the more preferred one, but I still hate changing times.  It messes up everyone. I truly wish they would pick a time and stick with it. Changing sucks.

Now on to Monday's Music Moves Me. Songs with color in the title.
the first song that came to my mind was Cyndi Lauper's True Colors.

I loved this song in college.  Amy Grant doing a cover of Big Yellow Taxi.

And just for teh fun of it Will smith with Men in black:

So what song do you like with colors in the titles?


  1. MIB is a fun one. I love the movies! The time change had me thrown Sunday. I imagine this evening, I will even feel it more. I don't like that it's getting darker earlier, but it would anyhow even if DST never existed. Changing the earth's tilt is totally out of our hands. Have a colorful week and thanks for linking up with the 4M crew!

  2. These are all great songs to go with this weeks theme. Hope you have a marvelous Monday!

  3. Oh, I have to agree MIB is so fun to watch and listen to. I know all of your picks but good ones at that.
    Hope your week is less blah!
    ~Naila Moon

  4. I definitely do prefer this time change but I hate adjusting to anything new.

  5. Fabulous! All my favorites that I haven't heard forever! Now I'm going to have to go watch The Man in Black! Love Will Smith! He has so got the beat! YOU TOTALLY ROCKED THE HOUSE!

  6. I think it comes with the territory with this season changing thing for feeling blah...I've totally been the same.

    Hmmm...Songs with colors...Blue on Black? Purple Rain? Don't like either of those though :-)

  7. I like these.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Glad your weekend was okay.

    I like the cool...keeps the smells down, but sometimes it's really cold.

    I've been sick with the flu, but I'm feeling much better now and here to visit from the music hop.

    Hope your weekend is going great.

    Aloha :)


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