Monday, November 18, 2013

Busy, Busy and MMMM

Well that was an interesting weekend.  It was fun and passed by far too quickly.  Things have a way of doing that when you are having fun.
So, about Saturday.  It started off with a trip to Cheyenne with my mom and the boys.  We hit the stores we needed and wanted to and had some fun.  There was teasing for Turbo when he complained that I was looking at shoes.  He doesn't get what's so cool and interesting about shoes.  And purses.  I told him it is a girl thing and he should just accept it. Mom and I teased him some by spending extra time in those departments.  It was made up to both boys when we cruised the mall to check out the pet store and hit the candy store. They were really well behaved this trip.
Once we got home, I helped Nick bottle his Cascade IPA.  It definitely needed to be bottled, but it tastes pretty good even flat. 50 bottles of beer later it's aging and carbonating in the bottles.  By Thursday Nick will be checking it out.  Now to order more supplies.
Saturday afternoon, a friend invited us over to hang out, I took the boys as Nick was still not ready to send time out of the house.  We had dinner there and headed home around 7ish.  Saturday was a very full day.
Sunday started before the sun was up when I woke up and discovered that the electricity was out.  The house was getting cold, so I got Nick up and we started a fire in the wood stove and snuggled in with the boys in the basement. Turns out the electricity had gone out about 2:30am and didn't come back on until 7:30am.  After it was back on I took Turbo tot eh store and did the grocery shopping for the week (and managed to forget celery for Nick).
Once we were home we settled into the basement and had a movie marathon.  Things started with Man of Steel, which I liked but Nick is not sure of yet.  Then we watched the Hobbit and started Fellowship of the Ring. I fit most of a puzzle and it was nice and cozy and fun with my guys.
All in all it was a fine way to spend a weekend.  And today, Nick is feeling well enough to come to work.  So things are looking up.
 adn now on to Monday's Mucis Moves Me:  Theme this week is songs with pink. 

Here is one from Aerosmith Pink:
ANd while it doesn't ahve words, the Pink Panther theme is a classic:
So there you have it, Our weekend in a nut shell and a couple of "pink" songs.  May the week go quickly.


  1. Does the power go out often when it is snowy, etc?

  2. No electricity isn't fun. At least you have a wood stove. That helps a lot, I bet. I wish we had a non-electric source of heat on the rare occasions our power goes out. Nice to dance with you today on Monday's Music Moves Me!

  3. Oh sounds like such a good weekend! I did much the same - a bit of shopping on Saturday, a cozy movie night last night - with a few night time outings sprinkled in. ;) You mentioned fitting a puzzle - it's that time of year again, I love doing puzzles in the winter!!

  4. You did have a busy weekend! I loved the Man of Steel but I am definitely a superman fan. Glad Nick is starting to feel better.

  5. Guess there's not that many songs with Pink in the title because we all thought of the same thing. LOL Glad things are looking up in the household. Thanks for rockin' the house & joining us this week.

  6. I wish I could have been busy this last weekend instead of lying around with a headache. Loved your "Pink" choices for today.

  7. Glad you had a very good weekend.
    And I remember losing power so often in my country it was just a way of life, but man it was annoying!

    Thanks for rocking the pink train with us today.

    Aloha :)

  8. Seeing several of the same pink songs but fun none-the-less.


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