Monday, November 25, 2013

Back on Our Feet and MMMM

For the first weekend in about a month, we were all healthy.  No hacking, coughing, snot or anything. It was amazing.  We had a normal weekend, some lazing around, some chores done and generally good relaxing accomplished.
Saturday morning, we headed to the store to get the grocery run out of the way. Turkey purchased and thawing slowly in the fridge.  I will probably be wrestling with the darn thing in it's half frozen state in Wednesday morning so we can brine it.
When we got home I helped Turbo tackle the shelves in his room.  We went through all of them, took a whole bag of garbage out and he has space again on the shelves.  Nick is happier, Turbo has a place to put new acquisitions, as it is that time of year. Turbo is happy, he got help to do it.  I'm happy, lots of trash is out on the curb. Bruiser is happy as Turbo passed a few toys to him.
Laundry was conquered.  Everyone has clean clothes today. All I have left to wash is sheets.  I have this week to do those.
The kids went to Papa and Nana's for the afternoon so Nick and I got a bit of time to ourselves.  It was nice.  the boys got to wrestle with Nick Saturday evening and they had a blast.  So much so that ending the fun was not popular.
Sunday dawned bright and early, well early for us.  Nick packed up the truck and Turbo and went to pick up his friend because they were heading up to the mountains after firewood.
I kept Bruiser at home with me--much to his disappointment.  But we headed to the store--for those forgotten things from the day before--and while I was starting the car, I happened to look down and just under the seat, there sat Nick's glasses case.  The case for the glasses he thought he lost during his last trip to Denver. His new glasses, the spendy ones. So that made the whole weekend a win for Mom!
The rest of Sunday was finishing laundry, vacuuming, and hanging out.  This was when most of the relaxing happened.  It is time to get the boys working on Christmas lists. We will also make our trek to the mountains for a tree this next weekend.  Christmas is creeping up quickly.

Now for Monday's Music Moves Me--I am the spotlight dancer!  This week the theme is Music from High school--what did you listen to in high school:
Something to Believe in by Poison.  This was our senior class song.  The title is far more inspiring than the actual words.

Yes, another rock song.  I was way into rock by the time I was a junior. In contrast I listened to the following my freshman and sophomore years:
Beastie Boys (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party).  This is all very different from what I listen to now.


  1. These are all songs I listened to, too. Happy Monday!

  2. Love the music choices! And awesome that you found the lost glasses!

  3. Oh, I am sure you do not listen to any of this now. LOL
    Rock on today! Great theme.
    Hope all are feeling better.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Those are definitely songs from my childhood but not high school!
    Always a win when you find something missing for a while. I lost my sunglasses for about 6 months but then found them in a bad; I was thrilled!

  5. I'm so glad you are all healthy!
    It's a wonderful thing!

    Thanks for sharing your music and Happy Thanksgiving!


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