Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Random Fun

Hey, hey it's Tuesday on a very short week!  At least work wise.  After today it's fun fun and so I'm counting the moments to going home time.  But first let's random things up shall we:
  • I know it's a slight bit early, but I'm in an elf sort of mood so:
  • I'm Happy Sugar-Socks.  We got a great giggle form Nick"s elf name: Buddy Glitter-Balls. ~Snicker~
  • So much planning for the big dinner.  I'm hoping that the turkey thaws, but I envision a wrestling match Wednesday morning any way.  Turkeys never thaw as fast in the fridge as "they" say the darn turkey should.
  • Have a laugh, we did:

  • Kind of excited to start shopping for the swap I'm in--Scriptor is a great blogger and one I've followed for a few years now.  It's nice when you already know your swap partner. Now to come up with 12 cute gifts. I'm not wildly crafty, but I can do creative.
  • We gave Thullee a bath.  He did well, considering. He smells much better now. and he's nice and soft. Now we get to do Guiness again.  He doesn't care for the process, but with any luck it will help with the itching.
  • Next month starts the holiday rush--kid concerts, Christmas parties, Nick's archery league, I have the feeling if we blink too hard we will zip right to Christmas.
So come on and random things up people!
Stacy is being the Random Rebel, so link up your random!


  1. I enjoy your random posts. I like Andrea's, too! Oh, I must find out my elf name….so much fun!

    Swaps are always fun, too!!!


  2. I was Glitzy Tinsel-shoes. LOL. I saw that elf thing on Facebook. Pretty amusing.

  3. I love short weeks, even though I do not work outside the home. I always look forward to the together time with DH and now with additional family. All of my dinner prep is pretty much a wraps till Thanksgiving Day where I do just a few last minute things with no headache. The holidays are such a warm, festive environment that I look forward to each year. Thanks for stopping by today! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    ~Pinky Twinkle Toes aka Curious as a Cathy :)

  4. My elf name is Pudding Festive-Fingers... which sounds mildly dirty. Although not nearly as impressive as Buddy Glitter-Balls! haha!!

    I also snort-laughed at that snowman comic. Priceless!!!

    Good luck with the bird thawing :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Week!! oh the Dreaded Turkey Meltathon. I failed last month, I failed to get my turkey melted and left it in a sink off water with my hubbie doing the water changing. Turkey got a sauna and then he was complaining about the Drying room, something about it being too hot he was roasting? I stopped listening by the time the Gravy was made. :) Enjoy yourselves this week!!!


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