Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Random Thanks

Hey, it's Tuesday!  No more Monday this week.  That is great!  Yesterday was so much a Monday.  But on to bigger and better things. 
Some thanks for November:
  • Thank you for our house.  It's not so big but it fits right now.  We have space to get away form each other, but still be close.  It's cozy and homey.  I love our house.  We have been there for 16 years now.  It's had some changes and face lifts, but it's still home.
  • Thank you for our general good health.  The colds and such are so minor compared to the major health problems some face.  I am very thankful for our health.
  • I am thankful for our animals.  Guiness has taken to Thullee very well.  He tolerates him most days and actually plays with him too.  Piper has yet to accept that the puppy is staying, but she puts him in his place quite effectively. Thullee gives us reasons to laugh daily.  Animals are a blessing and joy as well as a pain at times.  Kind of like kids.

From this...

...to this and still growing.
And in other random:
  •  We have given up on Nick getting better and are sending him to the doctor. He's been down with this for more than a week and is seeing no improvement.  I'm getting better, slowly, but he's not.  So off to see if modern medicine can do anything for him.
  • Turbo is still playing the Baritone.  There are times when he's practicing that he sounds like a sick goose, but he doesn't argue about practicing and seems to enjoy it. The dogs are no longer terrified of his horn. 
  • Bruiser has been wearing his glasses more often, and I think he's starting to see taht they do make a difference.  He's asking to wear them.  Slow movement on the potty front, but I'm ever hopeful that eventually he'll get it.
  • As soon as we feel like humans again, we are most definitely getting our butts moving again.  A membership to the rec center and regular visits are in order. Got to get moving.  Reducing food intake will only take you so far.
  • Kind of nice to have Thanksgiving late this year.  Gives the illusion that there's more November. I'm trying not to think too hard about Christmas.  Difficult to do with the holiday commercials bombarding us so regularly.
So what's your random?  Are you randomly thankful for anything?

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  1. I am hoping my husband gets better before the having to go to the doctor time. He hates having to go in!

  2. he's adorable in those glasses. I love that look on his face. I fought glasses for years. I finally gave in about 2yrs ago. They work for driving. I am enjoying everyone's Thankfuls.

  3. Bruiser definitely looks cute wearing his glasses... glad he's realizing they help!

    Get well wishes to your hubby!!

  4. Hope Nick gets better soon! Maybe Bruiser will be potty trained for Christmas


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