Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spin Cycle Halloween Wrap Up

Time for the Halloween wrap up. Lots of pictures.  I can't share the ones Nick took--he is at a class and took his phone with him. But I have plenty to share:
Digging the guts.


Carefully cutting

Dad does the tricky parts

Apply face makeup

Holiday confused


Papa gets into the spirit.

On the hunt for the loot.

So nice to be able to stand back and let them go.
It was a wonderful Halloween.  The kids got tons of candy and we won't need any until Christmas at least. The kids went trick or treating with their cousins and in a new neighborhood.  Large candy bars were given out at some houses.  It was pretty cool.  I froze my butt off, definitely need to dress warmer for next year. How was your Halloween?
Spin it up and link up with the Spin Cycle. Gretchen and Ginny Marie would love to have you!
Second Blooming


  1. It was unseasonably warm for Halloween here. It's normally a lot cooler, even though this year has been cooler earlier. Weird!

  2. Cool jack-o-lantern! For the first time in...ever, I didn't carve a pumpkin this year. Weird, right? I was so wrapped up in Jude's costume, that I forgot to even buy one!

    Thanks for linking!!

  3. Great pictures! I love your son's jack o' lantern! For once it wasn't too cold for us this Halloween, but it rained almost all day. The kids didn't mind, though!

  4. Cool costumes! Glad to hear it was a wonderful Halloween. We had a wonderful one too, despite cold rain. I was really happy to link up this week!

  5. I love the mummy/ghoul costume. Great make-up job!


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