Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tell me About it Thursday--#25

Well, this Thursday Brittney over at Mommywood is hosting a new meme.  She gives you a number and you go to your picture folder and find that number, post it and tell the story behind it.  So here goes:

This picture was taken last year the day after Bruiser was born. 

Turbo had a nasty case of the flu, but was so excited to see his new brother we couldn't make him stay at home.  We talked to the doctor, who said it was allright for Turbo to hold Bruiser if he was masked and washed his hands.  The nurses helped out by offering a gown and mask for Turbo to wear.  He scrubbed up and settled in the chair and then got to hold his brand new brother.

Turbo had picked out a stuffed animal to give to Bruiser(he's holding that too) and he thought that Bruiser was so cute.  I thought Turbo looked aweful cute in his clean getup. 

Well there is the first meeting of my boys-two thirds of the reason I am surrounded by testosterone. 

Now go link up with Brittney and share your #25.


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