Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RTT and Post-It Notes.


Random it up at Keely's place with all your random thoughts. 
Here goes:
• Nick stopped chewing--tobacco, not food. He is using Nicoret gum and doing his best to deal with the cravings, irritability and crazy dreams. However it is not a good thing when his jonesing for a chew coincides with my moodiness. Friday evening was mildly ugly. Tears were shed, things yelled, feelings hurt, and intentions misunderstood. We survived and are better prepared for the next round. And Kudos to Nick for quitting that nasty habit!

• Spring Break is not so fun when you feel as though your head is stuffed with cotton and then stuck inside a fish bowl. My sinuses hated me last week; actually they are still a bit miffed with me. Bruiser was sick too so things were great fun for spring break at our house. My mom took Turbo to visit family and he had a great time.

• Nick started archery shooting about a year ago. This weekend the club he belongs to had a turkey shoot. They shot at paper targets of turkeys hung up with various obstacles in the way. Nick came in sixth--missing winning a cash prize by three points. Pretty good for his first time at a turkey shoot. I think I need to start shooting too. I shot when I was a kid and it was fun. It's a lot less noisy than guns.

• We had a success this weekend. Bruiser stayed with Nick's folks on Sunday morning while we ran errands. He didn't scream the how time we were gone and he was at their house. The last time we left him there it was not so fun for the grandparents. They have been watching him at our house but now he's old enough to go there. That makes things lots easier.

• Congrats to Bruiser—he has figured out straws. Now if only he would drink milk. Can’t win them all can you?

Now I'm gonna double up today and do Post-It Notes with SupahMommy.


  1. Yeah right, this spring is such a tease. Cold, rainy, snow, sunny what the .... well happy Post it tuesday anyway.

  2. We actually got in the 70s....THE 70S!!!....but then it went back into the 40s. Blah! Congrats to Nick on quitting chewing...that's awesome! Happy RTT!

  3. haha! Spring is a tease! and yes our kids must start to share their energy!

  4. Spring is such a tease! 70s this past weekend and forecasted for this coming Friday 46! What the heck?

  5. My hubs has quit chewing about 48 times...sometimes for a long period of time...over a year before but then goes back to it, sigh

  6. I know the weather has been crazy lately!!

  7. Can I have some of Bruiser's energy, too? And don't feel bad it's raining, then snowing here.

  8. Congrats to Nick on quitting chew...and the turkey shoot! I'm not counting on seein Spring stick around until the end of April!

    Happy Tuesday!

  9. I wish I could bottle my daughter's energy and sell it! I would be RICH! LOL

  10. Spring is more fickle than a girl at a shoe store...no, I want this weather, no, that weather! Once she gets it out of her system, she'll settle down and we can sit in the sun and enjoy the flowers!

  11. Just think of all the kisses you'll get now!!

    Congrats to your husband on quitting. It's gotta be tough.

  12. I am so glad to hear that Nick is giving up such a nasty habit. I used to work in a place where the farmers would come in chewing then proceed to sit on our floor. I kicked out more than one of them.

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. We are sucking sinus meds at an alarming rate around here also.

  13. Congrats to Nick on quitting the chew!

    Archery seems like so much fun, although I'd be reluctant to kill anything with a bow and arrow, unless it was already dead.

  14. My kids won't drink milk. Unless it's laced with chocolate.


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