Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RTT: Dr. Suess and other stuff

It's Random Tuesday Time.  Keely is missing on vacation.  You got to go see Amy at Bitchin' Wives Club to link up this week.

OK so, This morning I had to call my mom for her glue gun.  See Turbo's school is celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday and they are allowed to wear crazy hats.  Turbo's hat had a loose button on the top that needed to be glued down.  The location of my glue gun is unknown at the present time.  My mom on the other hand knows where two of her's are.  She saved me and Turbo got to take his hat to school.  His hat looks like this from the back:
Picture courtsey of google images.

Yes it has all that hair on it.  Thank you Papa and Nana.  Turbo loves it.  Anyhair, that's what he took to school today.

Tax time was not so scary this year.  Last year was aweful.  This year much better.  I always get scared at tax time.  I'm worrie that we will have something horrible happen.  Last year we had to pay and it was horrible cause I ahd just lost my job.  This year the gov't will give us back some money.  Major relief.

Over the weekend we went to Casa Bonita in Denver.  It was Nick, Turbo and Bruiser's first trip to the circus that is Casa Bonita.  It is a place you go to for the atmosphere not necessarily the food.  Turbo had a ball and Bruiser loved looking around.  Turbo was in the magic show and played enough games to win a small prize.  Overall it was a fun evening for all of us.

Well that about covers the random here so go see the other randomness on the internet at Amy's for today only.


  1. Wasn't there South Park episode about that restaurant? Too funny.

    Enjoy your RTT.

  2. Now that is the definition of a crazy hat. right. there. ;)

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Dr Suess sure had a thing about hats. I think it's funny that kids are celebrating his birthday.


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