Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RTT--Lazy Weekend, sick kid, etc.

Random with Keely.  Go check it out--go, but read mine first.

We had the laziest weekend we have had in a while.  Saturday morning Nick and I went and shot archery--he got me a new bow.  It was fun and there were no children there.  I enjoyed doing something adult for a little while.

Then we came home and grew roots in the couch.  We did nothing constructive for the rest of Saturday.  It was great.  (I did get laundry done but it took all weekend.)  Saturday evening we all piled in our bed and watched Mary Poppins.  Popcorn and everything.  Great way to end the evening.
Sunday, we didn't do much either.  Turbo and I played video games--Tomb Raider(one I can play and enjoy).  In the afternoon Nick and Turbo went skiing--the last one of the season.  They went four miles--a long way for Turbo. 
While they were gone, Bruiser got his nap in and when he got up he had something for mom.  He threw up all over me and him.  Oh joy!  Bath for both of us.  New outfit for both of us.  Then Bruiser threw up two other times Sunday evening.  Poor kid.  He didn't feel better until Monday evening.  At least it was me holding him cause Nick would have sympathy puked had he been holding him.  Then Bruiser decided that sleeping was for wimps.  His stomach reversed gears again around midnight.  Thus, the reason I was in the shower at 12:30am with Bruiser.  Fun times, people, fun times.
Anyway, on to happieer things, or at least less sick ones, I survived a trip with my mom and mother-in-law on Friday.  We went to Ft. Collins and had a nice time.  I got new jeans, Turbo got new jeans--he keeps growing even though I tell him not to.  The day was a success and noone offended anyone else--at least I don't think that happened. 
Easter is fast approaching and we are going for the gift vs. lots of chocolate and candy.  Turbo is getting a soft BB gun.  It's something that he and Nick are going to have to use together.  Bruiser is going to get some board books, the kid loves books. 
Has anyone out there ever watched Top Gear on BBCAmerica?  It's an amusing--sometimes down right funny--british car show.  I like watching it--remember I live with boys-lots of them.  At least this show is not to technical.  The hosts do silly and crazy challenges and races.  It's fun to watch.
And anyrandom--the weather continues to be rather psychotic--snow over the weekend and Monday it hit 55 in our back yard, excuse me,  Mudville.  Today promises to be warm too but rain and snow for the next two days--Go Spring!!

Well that's my random for today.  Go see Keely, it's worth it.


  1. We have mudville here too.

    Have a great RTT.

  2. Ugh. Vomiting. I sincerely hope it is limited to Bruiser, cause you know how these things are.

    The archery sounds SO cool. Where do you go? Just out in the woods somewhere? I can't imagine where I could go here in L.A. Maybe an archery range?


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