Friday, March 5, 2010

Spin Cycle--Sporty Sports

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Jen at Sprite's Keeper has thrown sports in to the Spin Cycle this week.  Me, I'm not much of a sports watcher.  I'll watch the Olympics and the Super Bowl but otherwise I'm not one for organized sports.  I was lucky in tht I fell in love with a guy who feels about sports much the same way I do. 

Nick swam when he was a kid.  He went to the junior Olympics twice.  He swam in high school and he cross-country skied.  Nick was also a competitive mountain biker until he was about 25.  These are all sports but they are individual sports.

I swam in high school and that shocked lots of people because I was the last person you would think of when thinking about sports.  I tended to get out pof the way of balls when they came at me.  I was hopeless in gym class.  I was the quintessential bookworm.  But I liked swimming.  I could do it and there were no balls involved. 

In college I liked going to football and basketball games but I really didn't know what was going on on the field or court.  I still don't know much about either.  I see maybe three football games a year--the Superbowl and a couple of college games when they televise a Wyoming Cowboys game.  Nick likes to listen to college games on the radio while he works in his garage or in the yard.  We are not died hard fans.

We stay active but we like the more individual type sports--we still cross-country ski and swim.  We still ride bikes, we hope Turbo learns this summer.  We have not yet gotten caught up in the kid sports circus.  I think we will encourage Turbo to swim.  I'm not much for soccer.


  1. Sprite has been to swimming lessons, that's it. :-) We're trying to get her to ride her bike more, but other kids her age are already joining soccer and dance and we're just here, minding our own. :-)
    You're linked!

  2. I sometimes wish I had the space to put a bike (we have no garage)-- then I would go cycling more. I do swim, but only when I work out (we never had a swim team, and I would be too slow anyway).

    Hope that teaching Trubo to ride a bike is easy for you,

  3. I learned that my son really likes soccer ( I could care less for the sport). I am more excited that he has found his niche in a sport at such an early age and I am proud of him for it.
    I was a bookworm too, I took up spring board diving (individual sport). My parents couldn't watch because they said it looked like I was going to hit my head every time I jumped off the board (not once did I hit my head on the board).


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