Monday, March 22, 2010

MEme Monday--I had to have it

The theme this Monday is that one thing you begged and whined to get as a kid that you just had to have, and what you did to get one.  If you have a story about something you had to have link up with SupahMommy and MommyBrain and let us know all about it.

For me, I had a lot of wants but very few gets. I really wanted one of those ugly cabbage patch kids during the first craze, but what I got was a pretend-a-doll that was admittedly cuter but was definitely not one of those coveted dolls. I really wanted a pair of those jelly shoes but Mom said they were just cheap plastic so I didn't get those either.  I did get an Esprit book bag to carry my books to and from school when I was about a junior.  mine was black with colored lettering--so cool.

I was dressed in thrift store fashion way before second hand was shabby chic. I learned to shop for myself at those places so I did not look like a seventies reject in ruffles and lace (what my mom thought was cute on me) when those thing were so not cool.

But I did go and ask my mom if I could go shopping for new clothes when I was 13. I asked if I could shop for new clothes (with my own money) and she said sure. She wasn't totally keen on my style tastes but said if that was how I wanted to look she was OK with it. Of course my style was not like what you see today--I was totally covered in the late Eighties fashion I was sporting.

One of my greatest thrift store finds was a pair of acid washed jeans. Remember those? Well I really wanted a pair but no way was my mom paying for new ones. Second hand was all she would do. Well, I scanned the racks for months at the used stores and finally I found some. Mom was skeptical but bought them for me. Now this was the time of the pinch and roll pants, you know so they would taper and show off your multiple colored socks? The pants I found were straight legged and boy, would they wrap around my leg before I could roll them, but they would stay rolled all day so there was that.

I thought I was so cool cause I finally had my acid washed jeans. I wore them until the holes in the knees were so big they should have been shorts. However by then the acid washed trend was over—so was the pinch and roll thing.

Here is a shot of what the jeans looked like—sort of.


  1. I really wanted a Barbie Dream House.


  2. I remember the acid wash and pinch and roll! Hilarious!

  3. Ha! The 80s all over again. Hey, I hope you kept those jeans. And now you can get a pair of jelly shoes. They are in style again! :)

  4. That gives me flash backs...don't for get the big bangs that went with those pinched jeans and colored socks!

  5. dude - luckily that coincided with wholes in the knees being super cool! ;)

    I can remember my parents saying why should I spend money on jeans that it looks like someone else already wore! I also remember attempting to stone wash my own with bleach. Such a bad idea for me...

  6. OMg my mom had some of those!! lol!! i actually saw a pair at the local thrift store..haha

  7. I had to get all my stuff at the thrift store. I was always so excited to find something that I could pass off as new. ;)

  8. I remember the tucking and the rolling, so stylish. Brings back memories of my teased and sprayed hair and my friend's bejeweled denim jacked that I coveted. Awesome.

  9. I had so many of those jeans. And yeah, I definitely rolled my pants! LOL


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