Monday, March 8, 2010

Self portrait-Sort of...

MommyBrain and Supah have challenged us to create a self protrait.  It can be a picture of yourself or one created with Wordle out of words that describe you.  I think you were supposed to use a thousand words or something like that.  I used maybe 150.  It's hard to think up that much to say about yourself.  Anyway, my wordle looked like this:

Wordle: Untitled

Not to much so I will leave you with as close to a self protrait as I can find (since I'm not near a camera right now.)

This was taken about three years ago with the new digital camera I got for graduating with my geology degree.  I am 33 here and Nick is 32.  Not probably the best picture but I think we make a cute couple.


  1. good list.... I wasn't creative enough to do something like that!! ;-)
    I like how you have "bruiser"....

  2. Nice pic...and I agree, its so hard to come up with that many words to describe yourself. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Hello, fellow Wyomingnite! I'm following you. Found you on Leigh vs. Laundry

  4. Love it! I don't have nearly as many descriptive words for myself. It was just too hard!

  5. Sexy! Like that one!! And your picture proves it!

  6. 150? I couldn't come up with that many. Ooooh, next Monday you should make us come up with words for you! That'd either be fun, or opening yourself up for way too much info from your readers, huh?

  7. I like how the active is so big, good for you! Nothing active showed up on mine at all. LOL I also saw the dishwasher in there too. LOL Great picture!

  8. Love the list! Think I'll try something like that. We need to give ourselves more kudos and less junk!


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