Monday, March 15, 2010

MEme Monday--Prom time

It's MEme Monday time again with Supah and MommyBrain.  This week they are dredging up those high school memories of Prom.
Whether your date was the man of your dreams
or just the guy who finally wore you down,
tell us about your Prom night.

Whether you were treated to surf-n-turf or Value Meal #5,
tell us about your Prom night.
Whether you put out or just wish you had,
tell us about your Prom night.
The good, the bad, and the ugly ... dress.
We want it all!

So, prom.

Well first, my home town is small. Like really small. Like there were only 300 people in our whole high school small. Because of this, we had junior/senior prom, not just senior prom.

And second, I was not very popular in high school. I was the nerdy bookworm and most definitely on the outside looking in most of the time. Therefore, the guys were not lined up to ask me to prom my junior year. I ended up asking a friend to go with me. He was a guy but he was shorter than me and most definitely a friend, nothing romantic at all. His sister (also in our class, not twins, don’t ask, it’s a small town) was going with her then boyfriend.

The guys got together and decided that instead of taking us out they would cook at the boyfriend’s house. We had steak and it was nice but nothing like going out for a fancy dinner. Granted the options were limited in our town and it being prom everywhere was packed. But still, isn’t going out to dinner part of the prom package?

Anywho, we made it to the high school and had prom in the auditorium, nicely decorated but the freshman. After the grand processional introducing each couple, we found a table and settled in for the evening. There was a DJ and rocking eighties/early nineties music. Danced a couple of dances and that was it.

We went to the after prom party—theme casino night at the senior citizens center—I know, I know small town remember—and had a good time fake gambling. Then at about 5:30am we went to the truck stop for breakfast. Then they took me home and I slept the rest of the morning away. Not exactly the prom of my dreams but at least I can say I went.

I do have pictures but I’m lazy and didn’t get the scanner, the computer it will talk to and the jump drive to transfer it over to the computer that talks to the internet. Believe me when I say that the poufy eighties hair, dress and date are so bad that I really want to forget the whole thing. And I didn’t even go to my senior prom.

Maybe, I'll get the dress out and take a picture of it.  Yes I still have the dress, shut up.  My mom never threw anything out.  I don't fit in to it anymore--thank God.  Just wait--I'll post the pic later today.

As Promised here is a picture of the dress:
And here I am in all my 1990's glory in the above mentioned dress.  The hair is not as poufy as I had thought.

Well there you have it, my one and only prom experience.


  1. I vote show us pic of the dress!!

    The boy & girls brother/sister same age thingy... where I live we call that "Ghetto Twins" (they share one of the same parent either mom or dad) LOL!

  2. Yeah, your prom story sounds about like mine. Nothing too memorable - although I did give my HS dance dresses to my younger cousin several years ago - along with some awful bridesmaid options I suggested might work for halloween!

  3. Yep we wanna see the dress :)

  4. aww it wasnt that bad!!! I was expecting Giant flowers on the sleeves and lots of frilly stuff!! hahaha!!!

  5. Dress was timeline appropriate!!! Love the hair... were you out of Aquanet though? Needed more poof.. LOL!!

  6. Your prom sounded nice. I don't know what I would've thought back then, but now I think the guys making dinner for you was quaint and sweet.


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