Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rtt: It's Tuesday again...


Tuesday again and I think that I really need the emptying of a Random Tuesday with Keely.

So we had dinner and pictures at the In-laws on Sunday.  I got to try Jimmy John's sandwiches.  Not bad and they deliver.

Spring Break is next week and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Turbo for the week.  My mom is taking him for a couple days to visit relatives so that helps.  The weather probably won't cooperate so he can play outside.  We won't have outside play until at least the end of April--that's if I want him dry and mud free.

Sex according to Turbo:  You take off your shirts and kiss and roll around together.  Not to bad coming from a six year old.  He got this idea from Bones (the TV show.  Yeah, we watch quality television here.)

Bruiser won't talk yet but he will follow directions.  He will go across the room and get his blanket and bring it to me If I tell him to.  It's pretty cute to see him dragging his blanket around.

I am dreading, hate, extremely dislike not looking forward to the time change this weekend.  I wish they would just stick with one time and not change.  I like the extra daylight at the end of the day but the time change knocks me and the rest of the family for a loop.  It takes about two weeks to really get comfortable with the time change.  It really sucks.  And the fact that it keeps happening earlier and earlier in March does not help.

Ok so that's it for me.  Go see Keely for more randomness,  I promise she's there this week.


  1. I know, the time change suck, but babies? They don't know about time changes. I'm kind of looking forward to Miles "sleeping in" until 7AM.

  2. I'm with you on the whole time change thing. I like "falling back" and getting an extra hour of sleep, but I resent having to "spring forward."
    Hmm....I'm going to ask my kids for a one sentence definition of sex. I bet they say almost the exact same thing as Turbo except that they are 15 and 18. ;)

  3. Oh GOD, NO! Not Daylight Savings already. I hate springing forward. I'm always even more exhausted for at least a week.

    Sex according to Turbo sounds very clean.


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