Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spin Cycle--The making of my blog

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This week’s Spin Cycle is about the behind the scenes at your blog, or how you created your blog. I’m going with the creation idea. I found blogging about a year ago. It started with reading the blogs at MOMformation at Baby Center. I lurked and read but was not brave enough to comment for the longest time.

The more I read the comments and articles the more I found that I felt I wanted to throw my two cents out there. I got brave and commented and the world did not end. In fact I got a bit of good feedback. I saw Sprite’s Keeper commented often and one day I clicked on her name and found her blog. That opened up a whole new world of blogging and I found my way to several other blogs and I lurked for about three months before I got the confidence to start my own blog.

Once I had made to decision to start my blog I had to come up with a name that wasn’t already taken. I live with three guys—one big and two little—I’m a bit out-numbered. I liked the Living in a Sea of Testosterone idea but there was a blog called that already. So I thought about it and came up with The Testosterone Three and Me. It covers the general idea that I live with guys and I’m definitely in the minority.

I signed on to Google Blogger and set up my very own blog. I was hoping that I could connect with other moms and find a bit of support for those crazy times when a guy would just not understand. Blogging has helped me to keep both feet on the ground and find some friends, even if they are across the country from me. It helps to know you are not alone in dealing with things—there’s always someone somewhere that is going through the same thing. The support and laughs have been great.

However, I did not admit to my husband I had started a blog until about a month or so into it. I was worried he would think it was goofy or something. I should have had more faith in him. When I finally told him he thought it was cool. He often reads it and thinks the whole idea is a great way for me to be a bit more social.

In real life I’m awfully shy and have a hard time meeting people and making friends. Being in a small college town doesn’t help as the population turns over regularly and the minute you make friends they finish school and move away. Blogging has given me a means to make friends without the uncomfortable face to face stuff I’m not so good at.

Well there you have it. The route I took to blogging. My first post on the Spin Cycle was about finding things for the guys in my house. I look back and think wow from there to here and that was over 100 posts ago. I think this blogging thing might stick with me.

Head over to see Jen at Sprite's Keeper to see how other people created their blogs or how they maintain them.


  1. Funny, I started at MOMFormation too and then Sprite's Keeper. It all got crazy from there. But I agree, it's been a wonderful experience. I've met and read some great people/stuff! Yours included!

  2. I think Sprite's Keeper is a gateway drug to regular blogging, from the sounds of it. That's pretty much how I brought my blog from "photos for the family" to "real blog" status.

    I think its great how we've all found eachother and can offer support without all the other stuff that comes with "friends" (the moving away, the meeting up).

  3. That's funny! Sprite's Keeper is a trend starter! My brother hooked me on it, but finding Jen was a good motivator to make my blog a bit more of a blog. Hmmm...Jen, our bloggy guru?

  4. Awesome. I am the mother of two, now grown boys...wish there ahd been blogging back then. Maybe there was but I just didn't know about it!

  5. If you really want to get technical about, you could blame Momformation... No?
    Dang it. :-)
    I'm just happy to be part of this community!
    I honestly don't know what my life would be like if the tables turned and Sprite was a boy and I was outnumbered. I think I would cry more.. Or less since the girl seems intent on usurping my throne..
    But Turbo and Booster provide plenty of entertainment (and I LOVED the story of how you met your husband).
    You're linked!

  6. I'm in the same testosterone sea. One husband, two sons ages 16 & 13. Just wait til your boys hit puberty. That's when the real fun starts!

  7. You and I are a lot alike in the shyness mode - it's been rough being 3000 miles away from friends and family, so blogging has brought some much needed socialization and quality friends that keep me grounded. :)

  8. It took me about a month too, before I came "out" to the husband about blogging. He's now my most loyal reader. :)

  9. Don't take this the wrong way. Your belief is similar to Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny in your kids eyes, they don't know what you know unless you teach them. I'm not saying go to church, sometimes there just aren't any around that would benefit your family. But family devotions or something similar would benefit your family and keep those pesky aunts from pestering your kids. (Not trying to preach, just giving you another option.)


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