Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WIMTS: The Cat Edition

It's Wednesday and that means Chief is hosting What I Meant To Say, where you can say what you really mean but are to nice to say out loud.

To Piper(our cat):  Oh I'm so sorry for stepping on you, are you OK?
What I meant to say:  Holy hannah cat, I wouldn't step on you if you wouldn't park yourself right in the way.  Thanks for cutting my toe to shreds with your claws, and next time park it somewhere else.

To Tinkerbell (our old cat):  Well just settle right in and make yourself comfortable, I wasn't planning on moving for a while anyway.
What I meant to say:  What has gotten into you cat?  Spring?  Cause you haven't been this cuddly to me for a couple of years--OK since we got the dog but who's counting?  What exactly do you want?

To Turbo:  Do well in school, behave, listen, do what you are told.
What I menat to say:  Be good or else.  I know your teacher is cranky but just work with it until school is out.  Let's just hope that next year's teacher is more tolerant of an exuberant little boy.

To Nick:  Date tonight?
What I meant to say:  I'll be waiting for you tonight.  See you then, wink, wink!


  1. My dog is FOREVER right in the way. Makes me crazy crazy crazy.

  2. Lol Im sorry Turbo has such issues with his teacher i sure hope he gets a great one next year

  3. I so wish moms at our school were more like you!

    I hope your piggy feels better!

    I know Im late <-----total loser

    Thanks for playing I will do better next week


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