Friday, March 5, 2010

Free Therapy Friday--Ya Big Bully

Ali at Home.. is where it begins and Mommy's Daze are hosting Free Therapy Fridays.  This week the topic is bullies.

Well, I have most certainly been bullied.  There was one girl who bullied me from about fourth grade until our senior year.  The kicker of it was, her family and mine went to the same chruch.  Real nice example.  She teased me and was rude and picked on me regularly for years.  And then she had the gall to wonder why I didn't want to be around her.

 I was an easy target in school.  I was nerdy and quiet and just different from the rest of the kids.  I didn't dress in the latest fashions and I was always reading.  I got picked on by lots of different kids.  Small towns suck unless you are one of the in people and I never was. 

Today, I hope that my sons won't have to deal with too much bullying.  Being boys, I know the dynamics are different.  Boys are physical where as girls are cruel with words.  I dread the first time Turbo comes home and has complaints of being bullied.  I also dread the first time he comes home and has been accused of bullying.  Lets just hope tht that time never comes.


  1. I am sorry to hear about the bullying. I fear for my daughter because she is a tomboy and oldest son because he is a nerd! However, I htink they are great kids and hope they have thick skin. Girls can be very cruel. Thanks for joining us today!!!!

  2. Oh how I know the dynamics of boys and girls and their bullying is so different. Girls can be sneaky while boys just lay it out!

  3. We've already got a neighborhood boy whose a year older than The King. He's a piece of work. One of these day's I'm just going to tell The King, that "if he hits you - deck him".

    I'm over it.

  4. I shouldnt be shocked that kids are so mean, but sometimes I am. Our neighbors son was being bullied (badly) last year and he is only five years old. Yikes. I hope we never have to deal with this but it seems to be getting worse, and impacting kids younger and younger.

  5. I know how you feel, the sad part is both my kids had bullies in Kindergarten (yeah I know).


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