Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Therapy Friday--Doctor Woes


Mommy's Daze and where it begins are hosting Free Therapy Friday again. This week's topic is doctor woes. We know you have all had issues with a doctor (could be your Dr., your OBGYN, your ped) maybe insurance woes, in any case spill it!

I live in a small town. Well a small town anywhere else but Wyoming. Here my town is pretty big--26,000 people and that's not counting the University students. There are two Urologists who practice in this town. This is important, I promise. In June 2007 I had my first kidney stone move. I totally would give birth without drugs again rather than have another kidney stone move. The pain folded me in half and the worst thing was I had no idea what was wrong. Nick bundled me to the ER and after three hours they told me I was the proud owner of a kidney stone. They said I needed to make an appointment with a urologist as soon as possible to find out how to treat it. OK, just give me the drugs for the pain and we will take care of it tomorrow.

The next morning we called to make an appointment with a local urologist. We called on Thursday. We were told that the soonest I could be seen was a week from Friday. Eight days from the time of my call. Why, do you ask must I wait so long--the doctor was out of town at a conference. Great, we'll try the other doctor in town. Again an eight-day wait--why? He's gone to the same conference as the first doctor. Now in a smaller town you'd think that these doctors might want to coordinate their schedules in case of emergencies--which I felt I was. But no, they were both out of town until the end of the next week.

We called a urologist in a town 50 miles away (a much bigger town-70,000) and got in on Monday. I'm thankful now that it worked out that way as my one stone turned into 20+ stones and an eight day hospital stay, but that's another post.

So if you have doctor woes that you need to get off your chest link up at Ali's and feel better.



  1. That is crazy that it turned into that many stones. It is also kinda nuts that the two dr.'s did not coordinate schedules, especially since they are the only 2 in a 50 miles radius!

  2. I have had kidney stone issues for a long time. However, in a suburb of a major city, you can find a urologist on every corner! Boy that sounds funny!

  3. Wow! 20+. I hope that I never have one. And I agree, it seems the doctors should have and could have scheduled this better.


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