Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Tuesday thought--Oh yeah, the holidays...

So time to random it up and call it a post.  Makes Tuesday easy.

  • I just realized we are going to have to figure out where we are putting the tree this year.  We want to get a real tree, from the mountains.  It's fun.  However, I'm not sure I want to vacuum up needles from the carpet in the living room.  Maybe the front room...
  • I think we may need to move Bruiser to a big boy bed soon--just so he will have more room to sleep.  He still insists on sleeping on top of with every match box car, Lightening McQueen(2), and monster truck he can get his hands on.  I swear it can't be comfortable.
  • We may luck out this year.  Turbo has yet to ask for all the expensive gadgets that are out there.  He mostly wants Lego stuff.  And while that can be a bit spendy, it's better than some of the stuff out there.
  • I still cannot believe that I was bombarded with Christmas carols at Walmart.  So not ready for that yet.  However I have to admit, I did catch myself singing along--those tunes are catchy.
  • We are still riding our bikes to work, even in the cold.  Parking is so much easier on a bike, but I have to admit, I get really cold.  Thank goodness the steam is on at work and my office is nice and toasty--almost sauna like.
  • Not sure what the plans are for Thanksgiving.  We just might protest and stay home--things are getting weird with Nick's folks (a long, long, long story).  A quiet Thanksgiving might be the way to go.  We shall see what comes.
  • I hate the time change.
Has anyone seen this floating around Facebook?
  • The above image has been floating around Facebook.  I am confused.  Why is it that Wyoming is only menaced by Truckers?  Truckers?!  Seriously, Truckers?!
So go join up with Stacy's random Tuesday rebellion.
Also I'm linking with Shawn and Impulsive for Talking to Us Tuesday, cause they have no rules.

Seriously Shawn


  1. I think I'm more excited for Christmas this year than ever before. I'm putting Christmas albums on my Amazon Wishlist already, and usually I have no desire to listen to carols until the first of December...bring it on!!!

  2. I've never had a real tree before. I'd probably end up burning down our house or something lame. They smell so good though.

    Christmas carols? WHAT? Oh no. And guess what? I don't like Christmas music. Isn't that sad? I don't know why either.

    I haven't seen that pic on fb yet. Why does Oklahoma get bugs? And what does Truckers mean?

    Thanks for linking up my dear!! You're awesome!

  3. Gosh- it seems so early to be bombarded by carolers.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. lol that's awesome. I love that my state is going to be attacked by vampires! :-)

    We're going to have a quiet Thanksgiving here as well. But it might be at our new house which would be so fitting for our first home. Yay!

    I'm so pissed about the early Christmas bombardment. YUCK. The commercials are the worst.

  5. I am SOOOOO Not ready for Christmas!!!


  6. Ooohhhh....I love the days of buying legos. Those are always a great present. I haven't ventured into WalMart in I don't know how long. I suggested it to my husband last night and he flat out refused. Sweet Bruiser sleeping on Lightening McQueen. If it's not bothering him, then keep him in there! My 2 1/2 year old nephew does the same thing.

  7. I guess they figure if you are living in Wyoming that is punishment enough? ;)

  8. Christmas Carols are catchy. The Nutcracker Ballet commercial keeps playing on TV here and I find myself humming the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy all day. Truckers in Wyoming. Who new that was going to be such a deadly epidemic?

  9. Oh, how I hate rearranging for the Christmas tree, but I do love the twinkling lights!

  10. I miss getting a real tree - used to get one every year when I lived in Seattle. I'm seriously thinking about going that route this year because my pre-lit tree is no longer pre-lit...all the lights burnt out! So if I have to string it up, might as well get a real one! :)

    You're lucky Turbo isn't asking for the high priced stuff yet. Princess Nagger is hoping to get a Kindle Fire this year. Little Dude is young enough to only care about Thomas and Lightning McQueen and friends. :)

    I miss the years we used to get bombarded AFTER Thanksgiving - poor Thanksgiving keeps getting shoved into the background! :)

  11. I am refusing to even acknowledge Christmas until I have eaten myself into oblivion on Thanksgiving Day!

    I have not seen that image. Does that say Florida will be hit with virus? As in medical or technical. Please tell me my internet and iPhone will be safe!

    Thanks for linking up!

  12. We stay here for Thanksgiving... make those who want my cooking, come to us. I would rather cook than drive somewhere...


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